Garden Bloggers' Blooms Day: Good in death

"June's hellebores" in the guerrilla garden

We spend lots of time celebrating our floral highlights (and quite rightly so), but I've pondered floral death recently. I'm currently greeted by plenty of hellebores in their final throes when I step outside, and I've decided I really like them.

It means they add a couple of weeks extra interest after they've strutted their stuff round the garden. This is of particular value in the areas I've guerrilla gardened, where I tend to leave things to fend for themselves.

The pictured patch of "June's hellebores"* - of unknown parentage and given to me by June (RIP) from choir - have slowly spread themselves out and formed a couple of lovely clumps at the side of the house despite the challenging conditions I've given them.

Admiring them in their death showed their promise as a seedbank for future guerrilla gardening. I walked along the public land yesterday and there are plenty of potential spots for them which will make a cheery sight when I walk into town. I'll do some sneaky seed scattering once the seed heads are mature.

Which flowers in your garden perform well for you once they've gone over? Any duds? I've quietly placed the gorgeous (in life) dahlia 'Arabian Night' in the latter category.

* = Note to self: must pull out that goosegrass in the photo before it takes hold...

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