Garden Bloggers' Muse Day: Upon a Snail

Snail hitchiker on my car at Westonbirt Arboretum

I was surprised to find a snail had hitched a lift with me to Westonbirt on Friday and whilst John Bunyan's musing upon a snail is quite different, these few lines fitted this photo perfectly for Muse Day.

Where's the strangest place you've found a snail?


  1. The strangest place I've found a snail was on my bedroom ceiling! The bedroom is upstairs, it had climbed up the outside of the house, come in through the open bedroom window, negotiated round the net curtains, climbed the wall up to the ceiling and was just over the bed when I opened my eyes and saw it, it was quickly removed back outside again!

    1. That's amazing Pauline! They've only ventured as high as our entrance porch ceiling so far; yours are much more adventurous!

  2. Sorry for my late comment VP. I saw your post a while ago but must have been distracted by something or the other as I didn't reply then and there. Good to see a post from you - you've been missed. Pauline has almost taken the words out of my mouth - the snail concerned in my case was in the bedroom but fortunately hadn't made much progress past the window when I spotted it. Not so far though to climb though as Pauline's snail as we live in a bungalow 😂

    1. Thanks for your good wishes Anna and I hope you and Himself are well.


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