Crochet poppy

Poppies have been a major force in my life over the past 18 months because I've been part of a project to create a giant poppy cascade to go on display in Chippenham.

It all started in late February last year when ladies from all four Chippenham WIs got together to discuss the idea and decided to go ahead in readiness for last year's VE75 commemoration.

Then lockdown happened and created havoc with life and our plans. However, undaunted we ploughed on individually and then finally last month we managed to get together in small teams to assemble our creation.

All was revealed in Emery Gate Shopping Centre ready for this year's Remembrance with much pride and relief. I hastily crocheted the above poppy as I realised all of mine were on the display. That simple poppy brought back all the events of nearly two years and I got quite emotional.

I'm surprised at how one simple poppy has released a whole host of feelings I didn't know I'd supressed for well over a year. I'm still pondering the fallout from all of this and may return to blog about it sometime.

In the meantime, here's our cascade to mark today's Remembrance Sunday.

Me and the cascade


  1. What a marvellous display. I think Welsh poppies are yellow, but am not sure if they are ever used a symbol of remembrance; probably not. Nice to see you in the background too.

    1. I had to look up yellow poppies for Remembrance and it looks like they're not. I found out in the process there are black poppies alongside the red, purple and white I already knew about

    2. CORRECTION: I've just been reminded that the yellow poppy symbolises the 'canaries' - the women who worked in munitions in WW1, whose skin turned yellow from TNT poisoning. There's more information here:

  2. That's quite beautiful VP and you look most well. We have recently found out that some of the ceramic poppies from the poppy cascade at the Tower Of London will be on permanent display at the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester so plan a visit there in due course. I'm sure that the last eighteen months have affected us all in many different ways and for all those who speak out about their experiences many are still holding their emotions in. By the way that poppy doesn't look hastily crocheted to me - would love to be able to create such a beautiful item 😄

    1. I saw that on the news Anna and I'm pleased some of that marvellous display now have a permanent home. I'll let you into a secret re poppy making - practice makes perfect. I saw a photo of the first one I made last year (just after I'd learned to crochet) to that pattern and it's awful! 50 poppies later and the one you see in the photo took around 20 minutes to make.

  3. We had a Remembrance Day service with a naval bugler.
    For me it is the live music, and thinking of all the times and places that The Last Post has opened memories. My unmet grandfather in 'Flanders' field (he lies in Northern France with a red rose growing at his tomb) and I have walked between 'his' crosses row on row

    1. I watched most of the British Legion Remembrance service on TV on Saturday night. For me the most poignant moment is when the music stops and thousands of poppy petals fall onto the heads of the service people standing. NAH has a great uncle buried in Flanders field - he was killed just days before WWI ended. His wife and daughter died soon afterwards from Spanish flu. So sad :(

  4. That was just delightful, and I’m glad you had a chance to participate in it!


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