Red Amongst Gold

A solitary maple leaf amongst all the ash leaves which have started to drift into my garden over the past few days. Autumn is finally making its presence felt much more dramatically, but this fiery colour is helping to keep my spirits up.

It's good to see Dave is running his Fall Colour Project again this year, with a weekly summary of participant's posts every Friday :)

NB the UK clocks go back Saturday night/Sunday morning. This is one of my gardening milestones as it means it's time to cover up the benches and to bring the more delicate ornaments indoors.

How's Autumn going down your way?


  1. with the humidity & the temps in the high 70s f. it feels like summer. Hate This Weather.

  2. Strange weather here too, quite mild. Love this picture.

  3. Well it was seriously windy here last night and, as I've been confined to barracks with a bad cough and a cold, I haven't yet netted over the ponds! Mind you, the leaves are gorgeous this year and the Acers in the Japanese garden are quite spectacular.

  4. It's been grey, wet and windy all week here, Dave's Fall Colour Project has been a much needed boost to the spirits, but at last, today, it is glorious, and even managed to capture some of it on camera in between gusts of wind and pondering garden plans for next year!

  5. Gorgeous shot of the maple leaf. Just goes to show ya that a single leaf with fall color can be just as beautiful as a tree full of them. Thanks for participating in The 2010 Fall Color Project!

  6. Petoskystone - we're due to have some unseasonably warm weather this week too, but nowhere near the high 70s!

    Hermes - it is isn't it, especially after last weekend's frosts.

    NG - I hope you're feeling better? It's a very good year for Acer colour. I need to go out with my camera again

    Janet - I've had a peek over at your place :)

    TC - thank you :) I've done quite a few pictures for Dave's projects in the past couple of years, but felt the need for simplicity this year.


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