Separated at Birth? *

Twins spotted at Palmstead's Soft Landscaping Workshop and my local Sainsbury's supermarket recently.

For those of you who don't know who Landscape Man is, this link tells you everything. You may also like to follow @LandscapeMan on Twitter :)

* = with affectionate nods in the direction of Arabella Sock and Private Eye ;)


  1. It IS him isn't it? Astonishing!

  2. Do you think he lost the contract with the shavey-thing company, and that's why he's all beardy now?

  3. Hi VP, Morvah here, in the Far West. Just spotted your blog on the Blogday list - looks like a treat which I will revisit later. Must rush off now to finish digging next year's root plot while it's still dry!

  4. Karen - :)

    Arabella - it's amazing isn't it?

    onebeanrow - welcome! Matthew tells me he goes all beardy when off duty. Must be quite hard being such a shaving icon ;)

    Morvah - hello, thanks for visiting! Hope the digging went well :)


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