When a Blogging Friend Comes to Stay

When a blogging friend comes to stay different footwear is revealed ;)

She brought the gifts of time, laughter and inspiration. Many cups of tea and coffee (plus the odd glass of wine) were drunk and the opportunity to meet other blogging friends taken. There was a chance to compare notes, exchange news and to pause and reflect on the day's activities. One's own garden and blog were seen afresh through another's eyes and future plans laid. Serendipitous events involving other bloggers also happened.

When a blogging friend comes to stay, it's a very precious time indeed :)


  1. Glad you had a lovely time - cant wait to hear how Karen got on at the course

  2. Thanks VP - it was a lovely treat to stay with you and be so well looked after.

    Patientgardener - the course was good, very good indeed.

  3. It is indeed. I seem to remember a picture of shoes when Elizabeth visited Karen. What's this with feet!


  4. Oh what fun you must have had ~ now where have I seen those tootsies before?

  5. PG - we had a fab time :) I'm sure Karen will tell us all about it

    Karen - it was so lovely to have you here :)

    Esther - I can't remember which came first: Garden Monkey's taking a picture of my feet (which others then did too) or Karen's picture of her feet for her comics. It's become a fun thing to do!

    Anna - lots of fun. Those tootsies do get about don't they ;)

  6. I've started taking photos of my feet and the ground in interesting places - most people think it's pretty weird but I find it a really good way of remembering something of the essence of a place, and oneself in it. And admire my lovely feet too of course.

  7. Lu - I'm a foot photographer too, most of them make it over on my photo blog rather than over here.


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