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Monday, 25 October 2010

Yesterday in Bristol...

... I was up to secret things at Cabot Circus ;)

If there's a problem with loading the above video, try this link instead.

After about 1 minute 35 seconds you'll see me going down the escalator to join the rest of the group. I'm in the red and blue checked fleece wearing pink sparkly horns. We'd gone up the escalator alongside first pretending to be shoppers and listening to the surprised reaction of the real ones.

This flash mob was the fun finale to Bristol's first song festival: over a week of various song raids, workshops and concerts as it's aiming to be the UK's first choir city.


  1. What FUN it was to watch your video!!! Way to GO!!!

  2. Looks great fun.
    You never usually wear horns, I sure I would have noticed them if you did!

  3. TS - it was a lot of fun :D

    Petoskystone - thanks!

    Linda - welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    James - you haven't been looking properly ;)


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