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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Stop Press: Whitehall Garden Centre Buys Highfield Nurseries

I've just opened the latest edition of my local garden centre's Garden Club newsletter to find:

Whitehall are proud to announce the recent acquisition of Highfield Nurseries, mail order business of Gloucestershire.

I'm intrigued: the announcement has been made to Garden Club members but not as a news item via their website or the horticulture industry's news machine. It's not in the local paper either. I'd have thought they'd want to shout this good news from the roof tops!

It's not clear if it's just the mail order business that's been purchased or whether it also includes Highfield's garden centre. If it is, then the Whitehall group of garden centres is becoming quite large in this area. Highfield's nursery business specialises in the supply of trees (fruit and ornamentals) plus soft fruit. It'll be interesting to see how this fits with supplies to my local garden centre and I'd love to know whether this purchase has been made to expand the product range and/or improve the order fulfilment side of the web based part of Whitehall's business.

It looks like the mail order side of Highfield's business will continue, but rebranded as Whitehall Nurseries which will cover both mail order and website placed orders. I'll be picking up a copy of their catalogue when I visit Lacock later in the week as well as seeing whether I can glean any further information.


  1. Haven't been to Whitehall for a while (I had to stop driving) so I missed this. Thanks.

  2. Hermes - it's only just been announced. I hope stopping driving isn't permanent for you?

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