Meeting Ringo

The absolute highlight of my time at Chelsea this year was meeting Ringo Starr. The combination of my favourite Beatle opening this Artisan garden for my favourite charity - WaterAid - was irresistible :D

I have Victoria to thank for this moment. Not only did she cover this story for the Indy, she made sure I got introduced too. So I had the opportunity to shake him by the hand and have a chat about Sing for Water and my Open Garden.

Ringo and his wife, Barbara Bach weren't token celebrities as far as this garden and WaterAid are concerned. They are passionate supporters. Victoria asked why. It's simple, was Ringo's reply, one of these pumps changes people's lives. Clean water is a basic right and WaterAid can give it to them. What could be better than that? 

So my Chelsea cup of happiness runneth over - especially when I bumped into them again later and they remembered me (with no prompting) and said hello.


  1. Would 'Wow!' be an acceptable remark for this occasion? Or shall I stick to 'Good gracious!'?

  2. Oh excellent - lucky you. I'm a die hard Beatles fan too!

  3. How wonderful!
    Good to see a celebrity who really cares about people and tries to help them.
    Love the Beatles music!
    Lea's Menagerie

  4. Oh my gosh, what a thrill!! I'm a Beatles fan from way-back--as in when they got started--and Ringo was my favorite. I even used to send him fan letters:) I'm sure the garden show was incredible, but this would have certainly been the highlight for me!

  5. wow - you got to meet a proper legend - wonderful!

    Looking forward to reading more of your adventures x

  6. What a delight to meet Ringo! Great photo as well ;-) He is correct, clean water is a basic right. WaterAid makes cups runneth over.

  7. What a wonderful experience and how great it is to hear he they are real supporters!

  8. Fabulous! Can't wait to get down to Chelsea on Friday to check out all the gardens I've been reading about these last few days.

  9. Soon people will be saying - hey, that's M from Veg Plotting; how cool would it be to interview her!

    Super highlight for you. Just think what blogging brings

  10. How exciting for you to meet Ringo VP :) Sadly I will never meet my favourite Beatle who was George. Good to see that Ringo is supporting WaterAid. Just wish that he could be more enthusiastic about and supportive of his home city.
    PS - himself was delivered into this world by Paul McCartney's mum.

  11. This was great! I bet you had a wonderful time :) I hope you don't mind, but I published a link to your post on my water-saving website I'm trying to catch up with my blog links, as I've been coping with an arthritic shoulder for *ages* - but its lovely to make it back to your site for the first time, and find Ringo and Water Aid together!

  12. Esther - wow is most acceptable!

    Dani - welcome! We've been singing Beatles songs in choir, so meeting one was very special.

    Lea - absolutely, especially when it's a charity I care about deeply :)

    Rose - it was a thrill. A moment to treasure :)

    Zoe - I'm still pinching myself :)

    Gardeningbren - it was inspirational

    Donna - Ringo is well known for not giving autographs, yet last year he designed a special edition boot with his signature to raise funds. I think that shows a great sense of humour!

    Petoskystone - yes!

    SVG - I hope you enjoyed it :)

    The Bike Shed - I doubt it because I'm a very ordinary person. I'm constantly amazed at what blogging brings :)

    Anna - now there's a claim to fame!

    Jan - that's great, thanks!

  13. Linda Penny emailed her comment via her email subscription:

    lovely post and how lucky you

    Linda - I'm very lucky indeed :)


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