Plot Views - Introducing the Front Garden

Tomorrow's launch of the virtual open garden will concentrate on the back garden in a big way, so I thought I'd show you the front garden for a change. It's its debut - tough as old boots planting to avert football/basketball damage. Guess how many drain covers are in disguise on such a small plot.

BTW - it's also National Allotments Week.


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  2. 3 drain covers? I have 2 on my drive. Tip for anyone ever buying a house... Always, alway make sure that YOU ARE NOT the house who has the drain covers on it. Or are responsible for it. It is the bain of my life. That is unless the drains are just for your house.

    I cant wait for your virtual open garden. I am really excited to see it!

    p.s. sorry that was me deleting my entry as I missed out some words!

  3. Drain covers in the garden? Must be a British invention to torture the poor garden owner. Here we have non of that malarky (sp?) I'm glad to say.

    BTW I like the front garden!

  4. Looking forward to your virtual opening - hope the weather holds up. Of course you may have hired a marquee just in case it rains!

  5. Slice of Life stole my answer! :^D I'll change it to 4. We don't have any drain covers in our front lawn, only a Buffalo Box. The garden is tiny but pretty. I like the look of things softening the edges.

  6. Hi everyone - it's 5 :O

    Plus a BT junction box. That's why there's so many pots in such a small space. Will do an expanded post sometime...

    And thanks for your compliments everyone :)


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