Plants Don't Read the Manuals Do They?

The raspberries in the photo are Autumn fruiting ones - Autumn Bliss and Fallgold. They do this every year and start fruiting in July - officially mid summer. My guerilla plants are joining in too; the primroses I planted out last week are just coming into flower.

What is it with you guys? Though the raspberries (and blueberries) are very welcome and yummy of course.


  1. Delicious. I am very partial to Blueberries, but the birds always beat me to them.

  2. We're being VERY WATCHFUL of our raspberries out along the alley fence. We've been trimming and training up a forest of them back there and are keeping an eye out for the first clumps of darkness in the green. Otherwise, like Zoe, our work will have gone to the birds... or the neighborhood kids...

  3. Love that gold one, doesn't quite look real! x

  4. Nope they don't read the thoughtful labels the nurseries stick in their pots either.

  5. Ohh, VP that looks so good, and no -
    plants dont read manuals.

  6. I have been bad, standing in the green house eating my raspberries whilst looking at progress in there. they dont even get in the house :)

    Thanks ever so for showing me how to make the nice clicky links. I have gone over board on them already!

    Thanks again!!!!!

  7. Must be global warming! Blueberries cost 6£ per pound over here so it´s a treat I do not get often - yummy!

  8. Zoe - I grow mine under some trees - the birds haven't found them, yet.

    Shibaguyz - thanks for coming on over :) I wish you yumminess from your crop and all for you too

    TIMP - I can assure you it tasted real :)

    Deb- you're right, they take no notice of height, spread or flowering times do they ;)

    AG - they were yummy and guess what, I'll have some more this weekend :D

    SOL - only too glad to help :)

    Niels - I'm shocked at those prices :O


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