Out on the Streets: August 2011

It's August, so it's time for another episode of Out on the Streets! Our recent trip to the States also included a side trip to Victoria in Canada. Victoria is famed for its hanging baskets* and these adorning the walkway by the Undersea Gardens entrance in the harbour were a particularly fine example last Thursday.

The view across the pond has given me much food for thought and I've plenty to show you over the coming weeks. There's not only planting styles and examples, but also the use of planters, water and hardscaping to add to a sense of place. I hope my fellow Seattle flingers will join me: indeed they have already without knowing about OOTS and I'll add their links to Mr Linky below if allowed.

I hope you'll join me too: The Constant Gardener has already shared her thoughts on the spending cuts and the decline of the marvellous public planting she noticed recently on the Isle of Wight. Hers is a fitting start to this month's Out on the Streets.

All you need to do is post on your blog an example of public planting or use of outdoor public space which has taken your notice this month. It may be good or bad; old or new; in your neighbourhood or something you've seen on your travels. Our public displays should be at their best this month, so do show them off to us. I'll place a picture link in the right hand sidebar, so you can get back here easily to tell us all about your post.

When placing your link in Mr Linky below, do provide the link to your post, not your blog. That way we can easily find your OOTS post and add our comments.

So... see you soon, Out on the Streets!

* = though having been down town today (10th August), I'm sure Chippenham is giving them a run for their money


  1. What a bright cheerful scene. I am intrigued as to what the 'Undersea Gardens' might be but have an idea. My OOTS post is an embryonic stage but hopeful will be up at some stage in the next week. Looking forward to reading more about the views from across the pond.

  2. Anna - I didn't add a link to the Undersea Gardens as we didn't visit there, but in view of your comment I've added a link so that others who may be as curious as you get to know!

    I look forward to seeing your post :)

  3. My August OOTS post has finally materialised :)

  4. Anna - hurray and it's a very good one too :)

  5. How exciting! I had your series in my head as I admired the planting in France, I hope my post does it justice!

  6. Sara - it's a great post. Thank you so much for taking part :)


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