Fun in the Garden

Pot men and flowers, solar lights draped around a garden arch, and Skipper on the roof

Like many of us under lockdown the past couple of weeks, I've had a bit of a spring clean, both in the home and the garden. Yesterday I turned my attention to a huge bag of garden stuff accumulated over the years from various events and realised here was an opportunity to inject some fun into the garden.

Our gardens are fast becoming our sanctuaries and a healing space for our times, but oh yes, some fun is needed now more than ever. I felt a little down on Friday and a cheerful task in the fresh air was just what I needed. Half an hour or so's work and my little flowerpot man now greets me as I step into the garden as do my welcome flowers. I rescued the arch from the bottom of the garden last year and decided it was crying out for the string of solar lights I'd found in my bag. Childlike I couldn't wait for it to get dark yesterday evening so I could admire my handiwork and was delighted the moon joined me for the photo session.

Skipper and Spot are always entertaining when we sit in the garden at break time. As you can see Skipper's taken it one paw further by regularly climbing next door's garage roof.

The Wellbeing Garden book from the RHS

A rather timely book also arrived yesterday, with an appropriate bookmark for these times, courtesy of Wordery. I look forward to devouring the contents to see which ideas I can incorporate into VP Gardens. In the meantime, I think a little fun is a good start, don't you?


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    1. Thanks Flighty - just enjoyed The #1 Ladies Detective Agency too :) xxx

  2. It is - I’m stocking up on Kindles.

    1. I've got a huge book pile plus a few Kindle reads as well, Sue. I won't be running out of reading anytime soon!

  3. I LOVE my arch lights! When I wake up in the night I look at them glowing away and I smile. It's a great way of returning to calmness and I get back to sleep much more quickly :)


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