ABC Wednesday - T is for...

...Tywyn Cinema

Last year NAH and I holidayed in Wales. We rented this cottage in a tiny village called Llanegryn, near Tywyn at the edge of Snowdonia National Park. We enjoyed our summer holiday so much, we returned for another week on October (see also my ABC Wednesday P post) and will probably be returning later this month.

Last June I'd just embarked on a seven month career break from work and so much was happening in our lives at that time, we were thinking very hard about how we wanted to change things for the future. I know that's often a common theme on holiday, but we really seriously went for it. Tywyn has an independent cinema and we went along both weeks to see the film on offer. We got talking to the proprietor on our second visit and it turned out he was thinking about his retirement and selling the business in the next couple of years. So on the way home to Chippenham our conversation went something like:

NAH: I really liked Tywyn - it was so friendly there
Me: Yes, and it's close to my most favourite bike ride in the world
NAH: How about buying the cinema then?
Me: Yes, OK - but we need to do a bit more research!

So we both went away and secretly mulled things over to ourselves. I even went as far as researching where we might live. I found the perfect cottage - sea and mountain views, plus a walled kitchen garden and Site of Special Scientific Interest in the grounds, with plenty of barns for NAH to turn into the workshop of his dreams. Oh and the odd few acres for me to play with, including planting a proper orchard at last.

So we decided to go back in October and went to have a look at the viability of buying a cinema in a Welsh holiday town. It was fascinating to have a look behind the scenes, particularly the projector room (very Cinema Paradiso) and the owner had a fund of funny tales about his 30 years as a cinema proprietor. I was surprised to find the business is very viable indeed. We went back to our cottage to discuss our findings, but it quickly became clear that it wasn't for us. The need to be on duty for 7 days a week for at least 4 months; the lack of backup to help us out in an emergency (unlike the current owner who has plenty of family locally to rally round); and the current uncertainty about our mothers' health meant we couldn't really commit ourselves to the adventure. However, I know that when we return to Tywyn we'll go past this place (and probably to see a film too) with more than just a little pang of regret.

Check out ABC Wednesday at Mrs Nesbitt's Place, courtesy of the letter T, or TT in her case.


  1. Come and visit if you come up again. On second thoughts I have to many weeds for you to see them - we could meet for coffe

  2. What a shame your idea couldn't have worked out, but you were very wise not to be carried away. This is a lovely post.

  3. An exceptional T - pity it didn't work out.

  4. What a shame - that would have been wonderful! But well done on being sensible ;) (Also, don't know what route you take, but if you go near Chester or along the M53 then you are going right past my house (ish) so do pop in to break your journey with a cuppa)

  5. This sounds like an idyllic way to spend retirement, except, of course, working 7 days a week!
    There is an old grand movie theater in a small town north of us, which shows first run movies and is doing quite well. Once, the proprietor gave us a tour around after we'd seen a show there. I love the old ornate theaters!

  6. VP - What a shame you didn't do it!

    I love the area. My Dad moved to Wrexham after my Mum died and remarried.

    He bought a caravan in the Snowdonia National Park and I also stayed at Pen-y-Gwryd Hotel when I climbed Snowdon in 2004.

    As you know, I changed track big time and was really glad of the chance to do it.

    I love Wiltshire too so I can understand the wrench but I have found there is also so much more elsewhere.

    Just today, a baby fawn was walking alone on our track (just days old) I have been down with the kids this evening and it is calling mum but we had to be brave and left it there (upset kids).

    My advice (if it is ever relevant, if you get a chance to do something different in the future, give it a go:)

    I will post a picture of the fawn on LJ in the morning.

  7. It looks lovely. Cinema Paridisio is Husbands fav film. Good choice for T!

  8. Karen - done :)

    Dragonstar - I feel it's the right decision having gone back there last week

    Runee - yes it is, but that's the way it goes

    Lisa - thanks, will take you up on your offer some other time please?

    Rose - I've met someone who's done it and its a lot of hard work!

    For the People - thanks and welcome!

    Phil - it was the wrong time, but you never know. I've changed direction many times, so I'm not afraid to do it :)

    Suburbia - hubby's got a good taste in folms!


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