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Saturday, 14 June 2008

Tea in the Garden

'Tea in the Garden' is the favourite phrase of one of my fellow SUP members. We had plenty of it (plus 2 different kinds of cake and lashings of elderflower cordial) at regular intervals last Sunday when we got together for a textile painting session. We'd come back inspired from our trip to Stroudwater Textile Festival a month ago by looking at fabulous artwork like this:

It's by Pauline Burbridge and reminds me of the reedbeds where I do my research out in Mallorca

And this:

The others weren't as keen as I was on this piece by Maggie Baxter. I thought it had an African/Asian batik feel. They were reminded of murdered body outlines at crime scenes!

So we each made our own little textile painting on calico. My companions made very tasteful pieces using a tracing of a William Morris tile and a flower stencil respectively. My piece comes more from the primary school approach to artwork. However, like the work of the artists above, I did combine several techniques (tracing/painting, paint crayon colouring and stencil/stippling), so I'm quite proud of my first attempt at anything like this.


  1. You did a great job on your first piece of textile painting. What do you plan to do with it?
    The Crafty Side of me has never tried anything like that.

  2. How inventive - what sort of paint did you use and did you have to seal it? I did batik at school eons ago but hadnt thought of painting on fabric. Fancy having a go.

  3. I love it. The colors are fabulous.

  4. Hi crafty - I haven't quite decided yet...

    Helen - yes you need to seal it. Just ordinary fabric paints and crayons I think.

    Aunt Debbi - I thought it would be right up your street :)

  5. Oh, what fun. Our mum was educated as a textile designer at Manchester College of Art (won awards in her time), so I have a deep appreciation of the textile arts. Have even batiqued in my time, too! Lovely work, worthy of framing.

  6. Thanks Helen - it's on the ever expanding to do list!


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