Plot Views - Windy


  1. The clematis look wonderful. Is it two varieties ?

    The Veg plot is coming on too; beans a plenty.


  2. Glad you popped by thanks for leaving a comment. I read you blog most days and catch up when I have missed one.

    Weather isnt to clever today is it!

  3. Your clematis and hydrangeas are really thriving! Just catching up on some posts--how wonderful that you and Artistsgardens got to meet for lunch and an afternoon together. I would love to meet some of my blogging friends and see their gardens in person.

  4. Looking good as always! It certainly was windy on Sunday! xx

  5. What a lovely healthy clematis VP -- would like to know its name.

  6. Windy again today. Happens every year just as the plants have reached dizzy heights the wind comes along and knocks them to the ground. I am starting to lose my patience! x

  7. Zoe - It's 3 per obelisk, but 1 of them isn't flowering. I'll post about which ones soon.

    Slice of life - thanks and it still isn't is it?

    Rose - thanks and that's the great thing about the UK, it's not too far to meet someone.

    Flighty - and the wind continues!

    Anna - will be telling you soon!

    TIMP - TS and I feel exactly the same. Us gardeners are never pleased!


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