Plot Views - Snoozy Days

PS I haven't lost the plot :D


  1. The cats look very content, and the garden is looking very smart. I can guess what you are going to do with the mass of tyres and black plastic! Good Luck with it!

    I suggested a couple more Dippy Books for you over at GM's Flange.

    Best Wishes,


  2. You passed, hooray!

    From the pictures there should have been no problems.

    Deborah x

  3. Do I take it that you had a plot assessment? Gosh - I keep thinking about getting a plot but keep changing my mind when I hear that you get checked up on and GM's latest from the allotment makes me think its not for me!

  4. I never thought for a moment that you would lose it! Lovely sleepy cats-I bet they're bed cats today.

  5. I love the way cats sleep - they look as if they have no bones - if you know what I mean.
    Your garden looks lovely and you plot too.

  6. Skimble and Jess look so relaxed. I wish I could sleep like that.

  7. Does this mean the plot authorities will leave you alone for the rest of the season? That would be great. The gardens look good, the cats look comfortable and all is right with the world (at least your little corner of it).

  8. Zoe - thanks! I've read one of your flange suggestions, the other I'll add to the list :)

    dnd - thanks. Shhh! The pictures don't show the weeds very well...

    Helen - yes we do. Your local lot may not be so fastidious though, so go for it!

    Judith - thanks!

    AG/Aunt Debbi - if only we could relax as well as they can eh?

    MMD - sadly no. We get inspected once a month during the main season. Too right about my little corner of the world though :)


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