Back Shortly...

I'm away for a few days in sunny (I hope) North Wales along with this little lot to keep me going. The book at the bottom of the pile is the one I should be reading, but I suspect that's where it'll stay.

I'll post some shorter pieces whilst I'm away - ABC Wednesday will appear as usual, plus my magnetic poem for June on Friday. A few other surprises may appear depending on how much time I get on here in the lead up to our departure!

And Artistsgarden - see you soon :)


  1. Wow that's some holiday book list. Hope you find time to do everything you want to! Have a great time :)

  2. Oooh, I'm so jealous of your reading matter. But surely the weather won't matter - you won't have time for anything but reading!!

  3. Hope you enjoy your tea at Artists Garden - well have to meet up soon as well

  4. ha ha nice to see you are such a well-rounded person with many different strings to your bow...

  5. Looking forward to your visit VP

  6. Ooh, WOrld of Kew looks nice. I so want to go back there! Have fun in Wales.
    ~ Monica

  7. I love the top book, which is perfect bedtime reading! xx

  8. I bought Monty Don My Roots when it was first published, and I still haven't read it! x

  9. I love chosing holiday books VP. What a great selection there. I hope that not only have you been able to enjoy a good read but that you have seen some sunshine and maybe fitted in some garden visiting too. You have been not far away from me over the border in Cheshire - I would have put the kettle on if I had known :)

  10. Suburbia - thanks we did :) However we didn't get everything done, so we'll just have to go back :D

    Amanda - weather was fab apart from 1 day, so a teensy bit of the pile was well read!

    Helen - we did and that's a great idea!

    Emmat - tee hee and thanks!

    AG - It was great!

    Monica - I'm sure you'd love it there!

    Flighty - you're right!xx

    TIMP - I didn't read it either!

    Anna - a cuppa another time sounds great. And if you're ever down Chippenham way...


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