Right at Home with Artistsgarden

Yes I'm really there! In Artistsgarden, by her upper pond, on some good Welsh slate, looking at all the big fat tadpoles...

Naturally Artistsgarden has pipped me to the post - giving her eloquent account of our time together last Monday. I'm really touched by what she said and can only feebly say that I feel exactly the same. It's a constant source of amazement to me that when I meet a fellow gardening blogger, it's like continuing a conversation with a dear friend rather than meeting a total stranger.
Who cannot feel excited at what lies ahead when the whole train journey is as delightful as this? This is the Cambrian line just coming into Fairbourne with Barmouth in the distance.

NAH had gone to play at trains for the day on the Talyllyn Railway, so I had the perfect excuse to take up Karen's kind invitation to join her for lunch. It must have been meant for us to meet up - even the usual non-existent mobile signal at the cottage turned into one sufficient for me to contact her to arrange when and where to meet. 30 seconds later when I tried to send a text to another friend it was gone!

I'd promised Karen faithfully that I wouldn't look at her weeds, but she needn't have worried - I didn't see any at all. Just the sheer loveliness of her garden. It was like I'd arrived with pieces of a jigsaw puzzle from the insights in her blog, but here was the glorious whole to be fitted together at my leisure. There's also a glimpse of Karen's studio in the background - I don't dare show you the whole thing, Threadspider will get exceedingly jealous if I do! I also got to meet the mysterious and lovely Shed Man and admire his (and Dobby's) garden handiwork afresh. The garden is in a very sheltered spot in spite of its situation twixt mountains and sea and Karen had plenty of inviting seats and benches to persuade me to stay a wee while, admire the view and have a darn good old natter.

We also fitted in a walk on the nearby beach, vast and almost deserted - my favourite sort. The tide was coming in over almost scorchio standard sand, so the paddle Karen has shown you already was like being in the bath - lovely!

Nearly a week later my visit has almost a dreamlike quality to it - it was that perfect. However, I don't need to pinch myself to assure myself I really was there - I can just look at the shells we collected during our walk:
Thanks Karen for such a lovely afternoon - I hope to be back soon :)


  1. So glad that you appreciated Shed-mans and my handiwork!! Lovely comments and photo's of Karens garden. I sure Karen doesn't realise how much the garden has improved under her reign. Perhaps she will now. Dobby

  2. Hi VP
    It was fun - and I am so happy that you felt the same way.
    You are welcome back to The Artists Garden any time you are in the area.
    I am starting my Crug Farm fund on Monday!
    Thanks for the nice comments about the garden as well - much appreciated.

    Warm Regards
    Karen and Shed Man

  3. Catching up with bloggers - lovely - and I can't wait to get to Oxford in September and meet all these bloggers from England.Hope to meet you there.

  4. Isn't meeting another garden blogger amazing? There's so much to talk about. I know exactly what you mean about seeing the garden in person is like seeing the whole puzzle after looking at only the pieces. (And such a beautiful garden, too.) How great that the English garden bloggers are going to be meeting.

  5. It's always great to meet a kindred spirit - it sounds as if you both had a perfect day !

  6. Dobby - welcome and thanks for commenting :) Too bad I can't return the compliment. And yes, the wall was very impressive!

    Karen - It was great fun and Threadspider is now very jealous of your studio

    Kate - welcome! I look forward to meeting you in September. And Chippenham's not too far from Oxford y'know...

    MMD - it is indeed. I'm amazed at how good natured everyone is both in Blogland and in the flesh.

    Anna - I most certainly did. Too bad we weren't able to drop in on you for a cuppa too :(


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