Sing For Water - Radio Update

Yes, we've been on the radio again today!

As it's been broadcast on Friday, you have until early Monday to have a listen to us if you'd like to. You need to forward until 1 hour and 5 minutes through the show. You'll have a quick trip down memory lane with Steppenwolf until we're on at 01:08:30. It's on for just 4 minutes and features Let's Go and Free Yourself. Chris Samuel, our regular choirmaster features in both the interview and singing sections.

To listen you will need to have a programme called RealPlayer installed on your computer. Download it for FREE from the BBC's audio help page if you need to -


  1. Just home, and congratulations you Radio Star You. When my head is in gear I will try and have a listen, I am dead nosey like that!

  2. Born To Be Wild - I've got that on vinyl somewhere!
    You all sound very good. Have you been singing along to your practice CD?

  3. Well done VP, he was very complimentary about your choir. Glad it was worth the effort - I had to re-install Real to make the fast-forward buttons work with Firefox.


  4. Get your motor running, time to mow the lawn...

    If anyone is as stupid as me, they might not realise (for months actually in my case) that to fast forward you just click on the play button and hold the click down. Sigh. It took me SUCH a long time to work that out.

    Isn't the internet amazing? Fantastic that we got to hear you. Lovely.

  5. Zoe - hope the recovery's going well

    Easygardener - we most certainly have. c**p final rehearsal last night though!

    Simon - I'm touched you took so mush trouble to hear us :)

    Emma - you listened too! The internet is fantastic - how did we cope without it?


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