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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Surprise - Why Hello Anemone!

This one's for Frances who remarked on my Hope post recently that despite hiding them under a rock for several years, her Anemone blanda had defied the odds and rebloomed for her this year. This genus must be pretty robust, because I was delighted to make the re-acquaintance of this Anemone coronaria De Caen group in my front garden a few days ago. I didn't hide it under a rock, but as these are usually a relatively short-lived variety and I did plant them a few years ago, I am surprised to see this one after an absence of several years. As Carol Klein would say - 'Geeeeeeorgeous!'

This is another shameless interim Blooms Day post bought to you courtesy of Veg Plotting ;)

PS I scheduled this post for today not realising it's Frances' birthday: I can't think of a better way of wishing her well on her day than by coincidentally dedicating a post to her :)


  1. VP what a nice post to dedicate to Frances ! .. Happy Birthday by way of this route ? LOL
    I will have white beauties coming soon .. well .. almost soon .. and I will make my way to that part of the garden with all of the deck/shed stuff blocking my way ? LOL

  2. Very pretty. I'm sure Frances will be thrilled. I got 10 anenome bulbs(?) the other day as a "free" gift with my plant order. I wonder how they'll do here....

  3. Wow, this is a beauty! I love the color. What a nice dedication to Frances, and I appreciate your letting us know it's her birthday.

  4. I love the genus Anemone--so many species and all cute.

  5. Sweet flower VP and how delightful to wish Frances a happy birthday with a flower dedication! gail

  6. Very pretty flower and I adore the color! Yes, a very Happy Birthday to Frances today!


  7. They are hardy flowers, mine have been coming back for three years now.

  8. I clicked on that to enlarge and the colour and detail in it is absolutely fabulous!

  9. Blue is my favourte colour so I think that is superb! xx

  10. VP What a lovely Anemone I don't find them easy to grow and rarely do they appear the following year.

    Thanks for the link into Francis blog although I'd heard of her blog I had not visited before her photography is amazing I am so envious.

  11. A glorious colour VP and what a lovely birthday sentiment for Frances.

  12. My dear VP, I do thank you so much for the lovely Anemone, my favorite color! and birthday wishes. We just arrived back home from a whirlwind visit with the offfspring at their various abodes including a surprise for me at one of them. I adore that type of Anemone and they usually disappear here after a year or two also. There is hope for a return visit then, hooray! You are very sweet. :-)

  13. I've already wished Frances happy birthday, but I'll happily do it again, because I think she's wonderful. Your anemone is beeeyootiful, as Emmat would say. If you didn't plant it under a rock, where did you plant it? Cos I've got a couple of white ones I bought in bloom and I'm wondering where to put them. They seem to like sun, but they don't seem to like getting too dry.

  14. Wow VP, what a fantastic photo. It's stunning, and what a gorgeous colour too.

  15. Hi everyone - I'm sure Frances was thrilled to see all your good wishes here as well as all the ones you left for her on her blog and over at Blotanical.

    Joy - I have some white ones too - they're just coming into flower - might still be there for Blooms Day?

    Cinj - that's how I got this little beauty :)

    Rose - these particular anemones have a gorgeous range of colours.

    Monica - you're so right!

    Gail, Cameron, Flighty, Anna and Nutty Gnome - thanks :D

    Keewee - welcome! They tend to be short lived bulbs in the UK. 3-4 years usually.

    Arabella - I keep on doing that too. It makes me smile every single time :)

    Joanne - so glad you found Frances' blog from here and I see you've left a comment there already :)

    Frances it was the least I could do and it sounds like you had the perfect birthday

    Victoria - this one's in the front garden, so relatively north facing. As our soil is clay it doesn't get to dry, but I tend to leave stuff out there to its own devices. I often say my plants flower and thrive in spite of me rather than because of me!


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