12:34:56 on 07/08/09: Attempt #3 x n

Many thanks to all of you who took part on Friday or stopped by to leave comments. It's been great to see everyone's 'moment in time', even if Carrie missed it by twenty minutes. In view of what she found, photographed and emailed to me (click to see a bigger image), all is forgiven :)

As I suspected, lunch featured heavily on the menu. You've already seen my cookathon in progress: however, I do need to tell you that such scenes of domesticity are rare, just in case you were worried. Patient Gardener made me hungry all over again with her pictured chicken noodle soup. Luckily she's given us the recipe too. Karen at Artist's Garden was at lunch in glorious surroundings and found perfect happiness in her moment. Greenwalks Karen was at a restaurant and cleverly involved her companions in both choosing the shot and being her subjects. Constant Gardener was serving a lunch-wrapped pill to her faithful companion whilst Elizabethm had some tricky lunchtime manoeuvres to make involving hot bread, cats, a ringing telephone and greeting a neighbour, so it's no wonder she couldn't fit in taking a photograph!

Juliet mused about time and teased us a little by getting us to find which of her photographs was taken at the right moment. Weeping Sore 'fessed up to missing the moment entirely whilst trying to photograph the atomic clock, but Gerald came up with the goods by finding a splendid clock moment on Geograph for us.

It's always good to meet some of you on here for the first time like Jill-O and 3C - welcome! Jill-O found the perfect Monet bridge in Michigan and Linda confessed to being asleep at the exact moment, but showed us a most tempting shot afterwards of where she'd been lying. Sadly Anna was travelling at the time, trying to find Tiverton Parkway, so couldn't join us. 3C's contribution also involved a journey, to the same place that coincidentally I also featured last Friday on my photography blog. However, my image was taken at a different day and time.

Allotments also featured. Deb at Carrots and Kids treated us to a fantastic group photograph and a delicious account of its taking. Like Deb, Happy Mouffetard's story also involved nettles as she was tackling them on her allotment at the time. In view of this, it's probably just as well she forgot her camera: I suspect she avoided a few stings by doing so.

I confess to having one that got away: Maggi also joined in, but at the moment her blog doesn't appear to be showing her post. Update: It's sorted and her inspiring post is here. Of course, I may have missed others. Do let me know and I'll make sure this piece gets updated.

Whilst we all took pictures of or just thought about our daily lives, I believe the results were far from ordinary. What comes across are thoughtful, invigorating commentaries which you probably wouldn't usually tell us about. I've enjoyed each and every one of your posts and comments :)


  1. AAHHHHHH! My PHOTO! My (tanned, yet scarily white) leg, oh you!! So red in the cheeks right now.

  2. it was fun VP - scary Carrie is looking at your comment on my blog!

  3. OMG - I meant scary (comma) Carrie - not that Carrie is scary

  4. Hey, thanks for doing this fun meme and encouraging us to join in, then doing the nice roundup here at the end. I am up for the 09 one if you remind me! :)

  5. I've enjoyed this too. I didn't post because at the time specified I was nipping into M&S to buy myself a sandwich on the way to work. When's the next one?

  6. Carrie - I thought seeing you'd sent it, it was OK to use your photo! No need to be red in the cheeks either, we just like the nice relaxed moment you're showing us. Note to self: must investigate getting a laptop so I can blog from the couch or bed!

    Karen - AG. Glad you enjoyed it - it came over in your post too :)

    Karen - Greenwalks. Looks like there might be some takers for 09/09. I suspect lots of morning coffee moments will feature ;)

    Victoria - looks like 09:09:09:09:09 might be a goer. I was expecting lots of buying sandwich photos last week, but there weren't any. If you'd photographed your M&S moment, it could have been unique!

  7. Suspect my 090909 one will be of my PC screen as I check my blog stats before starting work

  8. Drat, I should have made more of an effort. The 09 one sounds like breakfast time in my household (as in I finally get to sit down and have breakfast after everyone else has gone to school/college/catflap). So I'll try to remember.

  9. I think maybe I'd pressed the wrong button when publishing my post, or rather not publishing it! Hopefully it is OK now. If I have been doing something wrong it would account for no one noticing my March 'On the Streets' post too. Doh!


  10. It was fun to see what everyone was doing - a lot of people eat a lot earlier than I do!

    Maggi, the last post I can see on your blog is 13 January :(

    Not sure I'll be able to do the 09/09 (etc) one as at that time of the morning I'm usually barely conscious, but I might manage to get a photo of the bedroom ceiling!

  11. I do not understand what is happening! As far as I can see everything is there - I'll look into it again and see what I can do. I'm not normally so dim - honest! Thanks for the alert Juliet. I'm having good mutter and chunter to myself here - I'll be back :)

    WV is chear which sounds hopeful.

  12. Right. I think the problem is that I have more that one page (?) and also when you go into it, it doesn't look like it does on my master sheet (as it were). the headings are in light brown type on a gold / beige background - bad plan! And the type goes down vertically, another bad plan which I didn't authorise. If you scroll down you should find The Intrepid Explorer @ Home which will bring up the more recent things. I wanted a change of look for home affairs. Hope this long ramble helps. I will see what I can do to change this though. :)

  13. PG - just as we discussed on Monday eh? ;)

    Victoria - I'll join you in a virtual cuppa!

    Maggi & Juliet - thanks for persisting with this one and I've now added the proper link to the main text :) And Maggi - I'd been wondering why you had a big blank brown page with stuff going down the side...


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