ABC Wednesday 5: F is For...

... Fence

I went to Garden Organic at Ryton yesterday to meet up with Maggi and to have a mooch around a place that's been on my must see list for ages. A fuller report to follow, but I thought I'd give you a taster of just one of the gardens I saw yesterday. I was particularly struck by this most unusual fence which frames the entrance to the Elysia Biodynamic Garden.

Apologies for the short post, but I have a migraine :( In the meantime, if you go here, it'll tell you lots more and also has a rather good slideshow of the garden in August.

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  1. Sorry you are not feeling well VP, hope you are soon better. I look forward to your post, I have never been to Garden Organic Ryton, so look forward to your post on it.

    Best wishes Sylvia

  2. that fence is an amazing visual! thanks for the link to the slide show. hope your're feeling better.

  3. Nothing like using Fantasy in building Fences. And it made a nice picture too.

    Hope you will be better soon.

  4. A very cool fence.
    Hope you are feeling better this morning.

  5. Hope you feel better by now.
    You go to such fascinating places. Biodynamic gardening has always interested me, so look forward to your full report.

  6. I think you're a saint for posting when you have a migraine. I know how you feel. Hope it doesn't last long. xx

  7. Ooh dear, poor you - hope the migraine shifts quickly.
    Ryton is on my list of places to go and visit, so I'm looking forward to your full post on it - but thanks for the sneaky preview!

  8. Hope you're feeling better and congrats on a great Guardian post this week


  9. So sorry about the migraine - I hope it wasn't brought on by too much gossiping!

    WV is subjeci - the Australian for waiscoat

  10. Is that fence made of wood? I couldn't tell, even though I enlarged the picture. Great post. I hope your head ache goes away soon.

  11. I like the fence - it reminds me of asparagus spears. Hope you soon recover from your migraine,

  12. Looks like they've put in some new bits since I was last at Ryton, because I don't remember that fence at all - must see if I can manage to persuade R we need to visit again ...

    I hope the migraine's gone :-*

  13. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  14. Hope that you are soon over the migraine attack. A quite fascinating fence. Ryton is on my list too :)

  15. Certainly an interesting fence! Looking forward to reading more about a "biodynamic garden." Hope you are feeling better soon, VP!

  16. maybe most fences could be like that...

  17. Hi everyone - one comment has been removed because whilst the commenter was asking after my health - I'm much better today thank you - they then inserted a link to the gardening section on a shopping website.

    I'm not amused.

  18. Agh .. migraines! I get those (mostly down to my injured neck/positioning) and they are just horrible. I hope you feel better today.

    Love the fence - it's almost like an ornamental gateway, isn't it?

  19. Thanks everyone for your good wishes. I'm much better today thank you :)

    I see a number of you like the idea of something a little more unusual to border the garden. It frames the garden rather nicely doesn't it? And yes, it is made out of wood. The link shows what it looked like when the garden was opened in 2007. You can see it's now weathered to a much darker colour since then.

    ABCers - I'll come over to you to comment.


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