Postcard from Esther's

Dear all,

I expect this postcard will reach you well after I'm back from Esther's*. I'm having a lovely time - it's good to be able to have a good old chinwag for once. Blog comments and emails are all very well, but there's nothing like a face to face conversation. Ming, Didcott and Worthing are charming - I was prepared for Didcott and Worthing to change ages, but I think they must be on their best behaviour, or else they're doing it whilst I'm not there.

Esther's garden is amazing. There's 2 large Victorian greenhouses and her garden boy plucked us a lovely pineapple for tea on my first day there. As you can see from the postcard, Esther's espaliered apple tree is in fine fettle and the globe artichoke bloomed just in time for my arrival. I must ask the gardener what's his secret if I get the time - it's all go here! There's no sign of Mrs Rustbridger next door, though Esther's other neighbour - Lucy - has been taking her duties as a Weymouth tourism officer extremely seriously and made sure I've seen most of the key sights. I declined Wessex Water's offer of a tour of the local sewage works though. As you can see the public planting in Weymouth is extremely colourful, as is the seafront clock. The other view is across Portland Harbour towards Portland itself. This is where the 2012 Olympic regatta will be held.

I'm feeling a bit wary of Esther's cook. I usually don't sleep very well on my first night in a strange bed anyway, but I'm sure there must have been something in her late night supper which disagreed with me. I had all sorts of strange dreams afterwards about badgers from Mars coming to kidnap me who were crashing about the house during their search. Of course I could laugh it off in the morning: I must have mixed up the excitement of going on the badger walk with the children that evening with my natural caution about meeting someone via the internet. I needn't have worried of course.

See you all too soon,
* = NAH and I have a theory that the longer it is before you write your postcards on holiday, the better the holiday is.

NB Readers who are wondering what on earth I'm going on about may like to have a look here. I thought it would be a nice change to write my post about my visit to Esther's in the spirit of her blog :)


  1. Esther has a way of inspiring drawing, doesn't she? Love the postcard!

  2. Glad you enjoyed yourself. There is always a worry about meeting people via the internet - will they be the person you are expecting!
    I too like the postcard.

  3. Sounds like you have had a good time

  4. Great post and card. Glad you had a great time, despite the weather at the moment.

  5. I didn't know you could get such nice postcards of Weymouth!

  6. Lovely visit and sounds so very like my own homelife, right down to the badgers.

  7. Monica - yes, even though I have absolutely no artistic ability!

    EG - I've only had very positive experiences thus far :)

    PG - we did, just like we had last week :)

    Hermes - we were most lucky with the weather, thank goodness.

    3c - they're from a very unique source ;)

    Elizabethm - then you've got a great homelife - hurray!


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