How Advertising Works in Chippenham #7

  1. Decide on a completely new retail strand for your DIY business
  2. Distribute the goods and advertising materials to your stores
  3. Wait for a blogger with a camera to notice and wonder where this fits with your business model
  4. Et voila!
I wonder where it might end - the advertising strapline says Now you can look after your pet as well as your home. Hmm - let's see... How about selling food too and saying, Now you can look after yourself, your pet and your home? Mind you, that would probably bring them into direct competition with the mighty Tescos, so that's probably not a good idea. There's conflicting advice on offer to businesses for when the going gets tough: some say focus on your core business and do it really well, others say diversify, diversify. It looks like this company's doing the latter. However, I'm wondering if their choice is wise: in this week's Gazette & Herald there's a piece on how the local pet shelter in Bath is full as lots of people are abandoning their pets when finances get tough.
If you think the location's familiar, the same company had Spring deals to DIY for. Also have a look here for the last item in my occasional Advertising series.
What's the strangest retail mix you've seen? The one I remember most clearly is the marvellous cafe in Nothe Gardens, Weymouth where you can not only get a good cup of coffee and something gooey to munch, you can put in your meat order as well.


  1. this post made me laugh!

    Reminded me of The Goat Centre in Bucks, who a couple of years ago had the slogan, 'It's Not Just Goats'....

  2. Nice site. Keep on good work. Hope you add me, too.
    My blog is about environmental education, called BioTerra, open since 2004 (!). Many languages available. The link is
    Best regards

    João Soares

  3. There is a gift shop in Rhayader which is also an undertaker

    And in Lampeter, Red Books shares its premises with a chiropodist.

    I also saw an excellent weird garden the other day in the Gwaun Valley complete with flush loo and cooking range!.

  4. Elaine - that's a good one! On my email signature, I say that Veg Plotting's not just a load of old vegetables!

    Joao - welcome! And thanks for the Blotanical fave too. I'll visit your blog very soon.

    Mark - those are fantastic examples :D Now, did you take a picture of that garden by any chance?


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