Public Planting: Chippenham's Summer

At last I have some positive news about Chippenham's public planting :) The hanging baskets are up, the tubs are filled, and large, strange shapes are stationed strategically outside some of Chippenham's civic buildings, such as the Town Hall. Even a wet day like yesterday failed to dim the pictured assemblage outside the Yelde Hall and Tourist Information Office at the top of the High Street.

The show is so good this year, it's even made the letters pages of the local newspaper. 2 weeks ago, B Vincent was moved to write:

May I through your newspaper congratulate those responsible for Chippenham's hanging basket flower displays - they are again fantastic and much appreciated...

Then the response last week from Michael and Philip Glen of Showell Nurseries was:

Having won the contract to supply the hanging baskets in Chippenham again this year, it was very pleasing to read B Vincent's letter of appreciation.
A great deal of care and effort went into producing them.
However, I feel I should commend the council staff responsible for maintaining them so well. Despite the wet "Barbour Queue" Summer, baskets need watering daily and feeding regularly to reach such a high standard...

It's good to know a local supplier was chosen to put the display together. Now, please Town Council, we need them to weave their magic over the lacklustre shrubby beds and red mulch!

I also need you to weave your magic: so do get out your cameras ready to take your next set of Out on the Streets photos for next month...


  1. I need to get my self organized for this assignment! There are some interesting planting in nashville! gail

  2. I'm not sure I'm enormously struck by this, VP. I'd want to put eyes on its head and antennae sticking out of the top - and a little plaque with a caption below. (Then I might like it!)

  3. Yes I want to get in on the act, I saw some SHOW STOPPING summer bedding in Hyde Park by the Diana Fountain when i was driving through the other day and I must go back with a camera and take pictures

  4. I've got my spots all picked out. I'll be ready with my camera.

  5. And a huge thanks to Billy who seems to single-handedly maintain Borough Parade! It shows what a long way good will goes too.

  6. Hang on. Are there strict rules here that I have missed? I took some very fine pictures the other day at both Stansted Airport and outside the de Montfort Hall in Leicester. Please don't make me go back to either place to take them again. That would be too cruel.

  7. HI everyone - did you like how I've given you an early warning for next month's meme?

    Gail - I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

    3C - Dalek-like constructions outside civic buildings seem to be the norm in Wiltshire, but the hanging baskets and tubs are very well done. I just wanted to show you the full set in one picture!

    Emmat - we can compare piccies then - I have a very wobbly picture of Hyde Park taken from the top of a tourist bus, plus some not bad pictures of Westminster's general offerings.

    Susan - I just know you'll be coming up with something good.

    TS - I must talk to you about Billy next week...

    James - no, you're perfectly safe. I'm just getting people geared up for next month's show and tell :)

  8. Hi VP, I've just been catching up on my blog reading - been rained off from digging - again! I loved all your recent posts and I think I'm going to treat myself to the River Garden book for freebies edibles!
    Must remember to take my camera with me - do roundabouts count?! :)

  9. Nutty Gnome - of course rundabouts count - perhaps I should have a roundabouts special?


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