Postcard from Dublin

A wedding anniversary, birthday and an all-day workshop in Oxford with Dan Hinkley today means things are a touch hectic here at VP Gardens this week. So here's a photo of the Spire of Dublin on O'Connell Street from our trip on Wednesday (for £10!) to keep you going. In order to fit in all 390 feet you either have to go very far away (and therefore find there's all kinds of clutter in the way), or right up close and personal and look skywards. Guess which option I went for...

I've been to Dublin many times with work and also as a volunteer on the Special Olympics in 2003. This was the first occasion I was there as a tourist and accompanied by NAH. We had a fab time :)

There's more of our visit to come at Sign of the Times over the next week or so.


  1. Ah yes, I remember when they got the green light for this, lots of people were in uproar about it, but that seems to happen all the time with public art, guess it wouldn't be a successful work of art, if someone wasn't offended by it. What was more interesting was the competition they held to find a work of art for this spot, there sure were some wacky entrees (to be fair, this was in that category.

  2. Happy Anniversary and Birthday! This time of year must always be crazy for you, with those events happening together. Do enjoy your stay and DAN HINKLEY!!!!! Oh, the envy is making my blue eyes green. :-)

  3. Zowzer...I wasn't sure I could climb out of the rabbit hole. I linked to the Spire and then the original Nelson monument, read about its destruction...and finally made it back to say I hope you have/had the happiest of birthday and anniversary celebrations! See you soon! Gail

  4. Glad you had fun in Dublin and trust you had a drop of the black stuff.

  5. Dublin's great! You got there for ten quid?! that's fab, it wold cost me twice that to just get down!

  6. Ireland is on my list of places to see before I move on to the big garden in the sky. Or big compost bin, as the case may be.

  7. Stone Art - I remember when it was being built and all the disruption in Dublin because of it, the building of the Luas and the road tunnel from the airport. How things have changed!

    Frances - thank you. The Dan Hinkley workshop was one of my birthday presents :)

    Gail - thank you and I'm so glad you followed the links

    Monica - on a dreary Januray day when I was ill and feeling very low, Ryanair had a special offer on which cheered me up immensely!

    TS - it was great, but sadly I can't stand Guinness

    Carrie - I liked Dublin even when I worked there, which shows how good it must really be!

    Weeping Sore - go there before you decay ;)


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