How Advertising Works in Chippenham #14

  1. Decide on your company's special offers for March
  2. Produce a swanky large leaflet for all your potential customers
  3. Deliver to all the homes in your projected catchment area
  4. Wait for a blogger with a camera to notice the nearest branch is in Frome
  5. Et voila!

They may have been touting for internet business seeing they're 22 miles away and Countrywide (a company selling pretty much the same kind of products, to a similar set of customers) is a mere 6.5 miles away in Melksham. However, many of the items in the leaflet aren't available online :/

For the full set in this occasional series, click here.


  1. Maybe it was delivered under-cover by Frome Tourist Information. Frome is worth going to though - I'd need little encouragement if I lived in closer range.

    About your new template. If I hadn't read your post, I wouldn't have known new ones are available. My blogger buzz seems to have got stuck. I signed up for notifications but they don't arrive. Well, as a result, I've begun a re-vamp of LOOSE AND LEAFY and have used white print. After the discussion on Twitter about font, colour, size etc. . . . I wonder if you'd cast your eye over it and tell me if it's sufficiently clear and readable? I'd be very grateful. Of course I think it's fine and I can read it easily but I only know through my eyes and on my computer.

    Hope spring is continuing to spring with you.

    Oh, the word verification is squal. That's ominous!


  2. Love the new look! V. classy.

    Word verification: "curmacto." Not sure if it's an actual word, but it ought to be, just for the fun of saying it. I propose that it should mean, "exactly," with emphasis. As in, "That's what I'm talking about. Curmacto."

  3. Lucy - I've been to Frome a few times and yes, it's worth going to. Not for this kind of store when we have one a lot nearer though!

    Susan - thank you :)


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