Unusual Front Gardens #8: Sculpture

Here's a garden spotted by Juliet from The Clockwork Dodo, who quite rightly said in her recent post she thought this garden deserved a place in my Unusual Front Garden series. It's in South Cambridgeshire and the owner has eschewed gardening for the chance to display the many and varied sculptures he makes in his spare time. It's well worth a trip to Juliet's blog to see the full story [not just this one - why not have a good look around whilst you're there? - Ed] and lots more pictures.


  1. Hello VP - I've been away a while.

    What a fabulous garden! I think these are great, especially the dog.

  2. I love the dogs, oh my I want a dog for the new house!! Which reminds me - fab poem on dog biscuits ;)

  3. Wow! I forgot about the hedge with the lips and eyes~There was a linkedwithin to that post. I so want to do this to a friends hedge for April 1 and hope they can have a good laugh....they are a bit stodgy! Yep, stodgy is the right word! gail

  4. Thanks for the plug, VP :-D

  5. I'm not sure about the dogs - they look quite menacing

  6. What glorious sculptures! A tin dog is the best kind, in my openion. Mind you, I think one or two would probably be enough for me.

  7. Wonderfully whimsical. Not intimidating at all. Wishing for something of a similar size in my garden!

  8. Is that a pterodactyl lurking over the fence, or a buzzard? The dogs do look menacing...I wouldn't want to be a rusty "delivery girl" sculpture being surrounded by that lot.

    Christine in Alaska

  9. I love those dogs! We are so isolated no one would see such an amusing art piece at our house.

  10. Hi everyone - glad this garden has provided some food for thought whether you love it or hate it!

    Welcome to Littlebrowndog, Karen - Wallflower Studio and Christine B - it's good to see you here :)


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