Psst! Fancy Some Nasturtium Seeds?

As you can see I have rather a lot of packets of nasturtium seeds, which I acquired in the process of telling you about Nick Hamilton's Twitterchat last year.

They're the perfect thing for a giveaway as they can be used by both gardeners and food growers alike. I started growing nasturtiums up at the allotment a few years ago, where they've made a regular appearance ever since. Gardeners concerned about their self-seeding tendencies may like to restrict them to their summer pots, where they can be kept under total control ;)

They flower prolifically and all parts apart from the stems are edible. NAH is usually quite conservative when it comes to vegetables, so it's pretty surprising that he happily munches away on the flowers as well as their peppery leaves in salads. I also make delicious nasturtium capers and have been known to give my plants an allotment version of the Chelsea Chop.

The variety I have on offer is Jewel Mix, which grows to around 9-12 inches in height. I don't usually go for seed mixes, but I rather like the rich yellows, oranges and reds of these. Now's the perfect time to sow them and I can confirm they have a good germination rate.

If you'd like a packet, then do leave me a comment below. I have 25 packets of around 20 seeds per pack to give away, so I'll do it on a first come, first served basis. Once they've gone they've gone! Sorry, this is only open to UK readers.

Update 29th March 5pm: Note to self: I must also ask you to send me your address details when setting this kind of thing up! Everyone who's replied up to and including Juliet should have been contacted by now for your address details. However, I can't get hold of 30foxley, Karen and Hilary. I do hope you come back here, see this and contact me via vegplotting at gmail dot com so I can arrange to send you your seeds. Assuming you do, I have 6 packets left for anyone else who'd like some :)


  1. Uh, those would be a lovely thing to introduce on our community allotment up here in Peckham!

  2. What a generous offer! With twenty five packets going to various gardeners, this must surely start a Nasturtiumrevival! I would love a packet - I have not grown tbem for years and your mixed colours sound so cheerful.

  3. I love Nasturtiums - so cheerful and reliable and also great for getting kids enjoying the garden. Easy for small fingers to handle and come up quickly - would love a packet thanks

  4. I think one of the first virtual conversations I had with you was about nasturtiums! I'd love a packet if you have a spare one.

  5. That is a lovely offer, thank you. I do love nasturtiums - very cheery (I don't usually have the heart to eat the flowers - they're just too pretty).

    I was thinking of trying to cascade some down a bank this year as well as planting some between some brassicas for a bit of colour in the veg garden, so I'd love a packet if you still have one to spare.

    Many thanks, Ferris

  6. I LOVE nasturtiums! They are one of my favourite flowers, and tasy to boot!! ;0) If you have a packet spare I would love one. Thankyou!

  7. Count me in too. I love Nasturtiums and they are so good in salads.

  8. I would really appreciate some seed. I would give some to my 5 year old who will have his own veg patch this year.

  9. oooh I saw this in time! yes please from me too VP - I've had to start from scratch on nasturtiums in this garden after getting very lazy just letting them self-seed everywhere on the allotment. I have a few measly seedlings to plant out but nowhere near enough :D

    thanks for a great offer!

  10. I tried the pickled 'Nasties' a few years ago and have to say that they are seriously delicious. Last year was a bonanza year for blackfly and predictably the 'Nasties' were mobbed. Some of the little sticky rascals found their way into the pickling process and I swear they improved the flavour!
    I'd love a packet or even a few seeds if you still have any to spare

  11. I love nasturtiums :) so I would like to add my name to the list please!

  12. I would love some nasturtium seeds to plant at my new veg plot, which is a garden share with a neighbour. I need something to clamber over the pile of stones I have dug out !

  13. Oooh, me to please! I want to sow some in amongst my brassicas as part of my Colourful Plot plan, though I've just been told I will need to net my brassicas all year to avoid Devastation By Pigeon, so perhaps I will put them in amongst the raspberries instead. Either way, would love some if you still have a packet going spare...

  14. yes please! perhaps we can arrange a swap somewhere on the A4 - or even in a pub - I have something to your advantage as well :)

  15. hello VP: I won't request a packet of seeds thanks: the nasturtiums I sowed five years ago in my garden to fill gaps keep coming back with a vengeance. But thank you so much for the link to your nasturtium caper experience. Now I know what to do with all those seeds I collect. Can't wait to try it!

  16. Hello, I saw your generous offer on a link from the Compost Bin. I would love a packet of nasturtium seeds, please! I'm trying veg gardening in a big way this year and ordered lots of veg seeds but kind of forgot about flowers. Nasturtiums are good companion plants, aren't they, as well as being pretty and edible?

    I'd be happy to swap for some veg seeds, as I seem to have rather too many...

  17. If I'm not too late, I'd love some too. A few as sacrifice for the broad beans(!), but the rest to sparkle in my front garden amongst the salad leaves.

  18. I just bought some last week so I'll let other have these. They are great for tortoises too - they love the flowers!

  19. i do so love them but let them take over in the past in my passion. but A, isn't so fussed - so :( Enjoy them!! x

  20. I've just found your blog(from the RHS website) and will be reading previous posts with interest. I used to think nasturtiums were a nuisance but I'd love to give them another go (in pots this time!)to try the caper substitute - the recipe sounds great.

    I've had to leave this message anonymously because I can't figure out the other options, but I've also sent an email just incase you can allocate me a pack. Thank you. Tom.

  21. Hallo, first time here, please do not include me in the giveaway, as I live in New Zealand, and already have Nasturtium...

    Just wanted to say what a lovely blog, and I eat lots of nasturtium myself in salad, and even with pasta
    (well, I am Italian...)

    here what I do with flowers

    roll dow to the second post to see the nasturtium in pasta :-)

    Good luck to all the participants


  22. Ohhh I'd love a packet if there are any still left. I was only watching something about them last night and thinking 'hmmmm perhaps I should grow some of those...' so this would be perfect! :)

  23. Not applying but just saying that in the days when I had a huge 10 metre by 10 metre hot border I was always grateful for a population of these which survived in the soil and ran around underneath the top cover of perennials, keeping the weeds down and emerging to flower at the sides and climb the odd perennial that was past its best. Useful!

  24. I would love some please, if you still have any left - I never say no to nasturtiums!

    I have a few packets of various seeds going spare, if you would like to swap the nasturtiums for any of them - will email to let you know what they are.

  25. A big welcome to first time commenters 30foxley, marancat, ozhene, Dirt Faerie, Karen, Hilary, Rachel, Tom and Alessandra :D

    My big mistake was forgetting to ask you to email me with your address details!

    I've contacted everyone I can, but sadly can't get in touch with 30foxley, Karen and Hilary. I hope you will see the notices I've left for you on the sidebar and in the footnote to this post and will contact me shortly.

    Victoria, Ferris Jay, Emma and Janet - I have your address details, so will be sending you your seeds shortly.

    Tom - thanks for letting me know how you arrived here (and Rachel too) and for emailing as promised. I'll be in touch shortly to get your address (assuming you're in the UK!)

    Lu - looking forward to seeing you soon :)

    Camillap - glad you'll find the recipe useful. I need to add Plantmadnige's advice from the comments: pickle them when they're small. If you use large seeds I can confirm his description that they taste like cardboard. Small ones are utterly delicious!

    Mark - that's a shame. Let me know if you find room for more

    Carrie - can't you sneak some in under A's nose for your delight? ;)

    Alessandra - I like the look of your pasta recipe. Will be trying it later in the year :)

    Robert - you've just given me an idea for the bank at the side of the house :)

    To everyone who's kindly offered seeds in return: sadly I have rather too many for this year already. Whilst I'd love to have some from you in a friendly swap, my head says it's best not to!

  26. What a nice give away VP - but I am leaving a comment to say that I am also taken with Robet's idea of the nasturtiums running around as "ground cover" in my hot border for September, thank you Robert.

    (Usually my Nasturtiums are confined to the kitchen garden)

  27. Yes please, if you still have a packet left. I am trying to spread Nasturtiums around the garden as they are good for lots of things.. and easy for my boys to plant!

  28. Thank you for your email VP. I've replied. It's very generous of you! I seem to have aquired a few types of lettuce/salad seeds so far this year so the nasturtium will be a nice tasty addition to those.I love variety in salads.

  29. Just joined you, suppose the queue is too long for the nasturtiums?

    Have recently made some veg. beds and have become obsessed and ridiculously excited about growing things!

  30. Yes please - fancy having a go at making false capers this year.

  31. Hi everyone - they're on their way to you :)

  32. Just found your blog, so may be far too late, but would love to have a packet if you have any left.

    Well done on Wikio ranking (why is it I've looked at it for gastronomy blogs before but never thought to for gardening ones?!)

    (Kavey Eats blog and also A London Gardener blog)

  33. Kavey - welcome! I still have a few packets left, so one of them's yours if you email me with your address details :)


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