Corsham Food and Drink Festival

It's Corsham Festival time and tomorrow the Fringe events get underway with the first ever Corsham Food and Drink festival. There's the regular farmer's market plus plenty of other stalls, many of them offering delicious food or drink with a sprinkling of sustainable community related ones including Wiltshire Wildlife Trust plus others covering recycling and fair trade awareness. It's all been organised by the hard working Food Group which forms part of Transition Community Corsham.

This flyer has been delivered to most homes in Corsham to advertise the event. Turn it over and you'll find...

... not only lots more information, but a certain 'Gardeners' Question Time' style event is advertised in the third bullet point down. Click to enlarge the image if needed and you'll see I'm taking part! When I started this blog, I never dreamed this kind of thing would happen. Tomorrow, the organisers and the good folk of Corsham will realise I'm no expert and this blog is all about the things I'm learning along the way* ;)

Thankfully some of my Local Vocals featured in my right sidebar will be there. Tim is my fellow question answerer, who I'm sure will be brilliant. Regular commenter Lu is our compere for the bits where we're using a microphone and will be whipping the crowd into a frenzy to barrage us with all kinds of questions. Emma is planning to be there to heckle us, as might Steve - if he can get away from his bee stall.

I must thank several people for their virtual help in getting me prepared for tomorrow's marathon: Zoe, Karen and Anna have all plied me with random questions via Twitter. Some answers have been more successful than others.

In addition to all this food, drink and general mayhem, several of the artistes in the actual festival will be performing. I'm intrigued by The Hot Potato Syncopators (will potatoes actually feature? How apt if they do) and I'm hoping to get the chance to hear Plovi Barko sung by proper Klapa singers from Croatia**.

See you there?

Update: We're also mentioned in the local paper and Lu was interviewed on BBC Wiltshire radio yesterday.

* = the more I garden and write, the more I realise I don't know!

** = some of you may remember our choir performed this song at Stourhead 3 years ago and it also was chosen for that year's Sing for Water fundraiser. NB We'll be performing in the fringe festival on Monday evening and here's a link to Sing For Water West - this year's 1,000 voice fundraiser in Bristol next month. There's more on this latter event to come :)


  1. it's such a relief, though, to hear someone answer questions about things they had the same question about. makes a person feel less intimidated & more capable of actually having a Garden instead of a-patch-in-the-corner. enjoy yourself!

  2. I did an interview on Radio Wiltshire yesterday and gave a big plug to our illustrious GQT panel! Looking forward to it, fingers crossed with the weather...

  3. You'll be fine! I hope it all goes well and the questions or rather the answers, are not too difficult!

  4. Wow, well done.
    Very brave I think.

  5. Petoskystone - too right and I did enjoy myself thanks!

    Lu - cor. I'm impressed with the publicity the team's obtained for this event

    TS - lots of different questions, nearly all of them answered :)

    HM and RW - thank you!


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