GBBD: I Need SmelloVision!

Oh how I wish you were here this Blooms Day! My hard work earlier this year in increasing the plants for scent has paid off and I need SmelloVision to convey to you how my garden is this month :)

I've told you all about the potted Nemesia and Lavender I've planted already. The big surprise which welcomed me home at the weekend was the pictured Philadelphus 'Virginal'. Until now it's been quietly skulking at the back of my side border without me noticing what it's been up to. My reward for this laissez-faire attitude? A shed load of nostril pleasing blooms brightening up this shaded part of the garden. Just along the fence from here, the musky scented 'Rambling Rector' rose has exploded into life and is not only enlivening my fence, the flowers are also making a skywards bid to take over the ash tree on the neighbouring public land.

As usual there are plenty on non-scented flowers in bloom, far too numerous to mention. I've noticed that many of them have smaller flowers this year, though their numbers aren't diminished. The same applies to all the wild flowers waving away on the roadside verges at the moment, particularly the luminous ox-eye daisies. I'm putting this down to the months of less than average rainfall we've had: though of course now an official drought has been declared for several counties in eastern England, it's started to rain.

This is a completely different post to the one I'd originally planned to bring you this month. Just over a week ago I had a case of 'four seasons in my garden' as there was Clematis cirrhosa var. 'balearica' (winter), Aquilegia 'Mckenna hybrids' (spring), Dahlia 'Dark star' (summer) and a white Cyclamen hederifolium (autumn) all in bloom at once. However, a week away has seen the cyclamen run to seed and the petals falling from the dahlia. It would have made such a pretty collage to show you, but is sadly not to be.

However, I'm still amazed at how nature constantly surprises us. We can usually come up with one example flowering out of season in our gardens, but to have representatives from each season at once is a new one for me. I put it down to the crazily crazy weather we're having ;)

Any surprises in your garden this month?

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  1. no surprises this season: after 2 weeks of off/on showers, the weeds are outpacing the veggies 2:1. will be spending a few hours out there late this afternoon trying to even the odds!

  2. I bet your garden smells heavenly, VP! It's been a strange year here, too; no shortage of rain, thank goodness, but unseasonable heat has made the timing of blooms very different from past years. My lilies are late, and the coneflowers are early. Glad to hear you're finally getting some rain--I hope it keeps up for a few days for you.

  3. It's always a surprise when we are once again reminded of just how beautiful the gardens can be... try as I will, I never quite sense the thrill that they convey until they come into season! Larry

  4. I need some smellovision als

  5. What a great goal to have in the garden - lovely fragrances everywhere! All my blooms that were so very numerous two weeks ago were almost all spent. Glad you're getting rain!

  6. Your post reminds me of when my parents had a hedge of Philadelphus. Every June, it was a delight to sit out on their patio and breathe in its perfume. My mom had them all ripped out & replaced with Knockout roses. My nose has felt the loss all too keenly. I guess I'll just stay home and sniff the Calycanthus.

  7. I wish we could smell your flowers, but instead we'll just have to close our eyes and imagine the wonderful scents.

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Liked your blooms and when you figure out how to do SmelloVision, you call me collect and tell me how to do it too.......:) Thanks for inviting me into your garden.

  10. I always thought it was such a shame we can't share the fragrance of the gardens, but I can almost smell yours. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Ah ... ah ... ah ... chooo!!!

    The philadelphus looks lovely, VP, but I'm so glad you don't have smello-vision, or I'd be sneezing my head off ... ;)

  12. I'd like to have smellovision too since I do have hay fever.. followed! :)

  13. Hello and welcome to all newcomers from Garden Bloggers Blooms Day :)

    I'm glad you everyone enjoyed this post - the scents are still heavenly here!


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