Travellers' Salad: Out on the Streets

When I started the 52 Week Salad Challenge in January, I had no idea I'd find some salad in public bedding schemes this year. I took the above picture a couple of weeks ago whilst out shopping in Calne. The chard looked even more dramatic a few days earlier with the sun slanting through the red stems. Of course the leaves on display here would be a little tough for a salad, but at least the thought's there.

Bristol has also gone into edible bedding schemes in a big way this year. In the summer I saw lots of lettuces and mangetout peas on display in Castle Park. It seems they've continued this idea into winter. Luckily Nigel Dunnett was on hand to comment on and photograph the results recently:

It looks like the influence of Incredible Edible Todmorden on our public planting is spreading :)

What salad have you found on your travels?


  1. Oh great to see such planting on this side of the channel VP - have only seen edible public planting in France but it must be spreading :)

  2. How fabulous that my old city is getting in to the edible bedding thang!

  3. Anna - I remember well your contributions to OOTS from your travels abroad :)

    Janet - I was quite surprised (and pleased) when I saw it. I used to work in Bristol and NAH was a student at Bristol Uni, so we visit there quite regularly.

  4. Here is a post with edibles in public garden beds:


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