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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Wordless Wednesday: December Daffodils


  1. I took a picture of snowdrops in Hyde Park on Monday!

  2. Lu - there are snowdrops which flower at this time of the year, though having said that my 'normal' ones were flowering before Christmas last year! I think these have been fooled into flowering early too.

  3. Well they certainly brighten things up. I keep forgetting some flower early.
    BTW - I liked the word snizzle - very appropriate :-)

  4. They have obviously been talking to my poppies!

  5. Yikes, poor confused things. It looks so wrong too, daffs being so "essence of spring".

  6. Donna - surprise yes, but I don't think they should be blooming just yet. Does anyone know of a December blooming daffodil variety like we have in the snowdrop line?

    EG - I LOVE the word snizzle :)

    Dobby - absolutely ;)

    Janet - I wonder if this happens regularly in Cornwall?

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