Things in Unusual Places #13: Torso

I had to do a double take last week when I spotted this young gentleman outside a florist shop in Darlington. The sign reads:

Girlfriends know each other's favourite flower

I'm sure the world would be a much better place if boyfriends knew it too ;)

What's your favourite flower? Mine changes with the season and my mood. Right now I'm particularly enjoying the scent from the petunias in the new hanging basket by our front door. It's a great welcome home.


  1. Do girlfriends regularly buy each other flowers?? Or is the phrase a cue for boyfriends to ask the girlfriend of their girlfriend what the favourite flower of their girlfriend is??

    Scratches head...

    Favourite flower, hmmmm...such a hard question. Red carnation springs to mind, for now anyway.

    1. Not usually, though I have hsd it happen a couple of times :-)

  2. Mine changes too no real favourite

  3. Is that a daft thought from a marketing department? I don't know the favourite flower of any of my female (or male) friends and I'm absolutely certain that they don't know mine (actually, neither do I...).

    1. Well spotted Helen - I've since found out it was a campaign which finished at th end of April. A rather off beam one methinks.

  4. At this very moment? Honeysuckle - reminds me of childhood holidays in Tenby. Next week, no doubt something else.
    I'm idly wondering if the shop would have got complaints if that had been a scantily-clad female...

    1. I was thinking that too - not a good campaign on a number of different levels

  5. How did they get that photo of my body? I'm going to sue!

  6. I loooove petunias too!! Have them in the front and back garden. I love fresias, and night scented stock-you can only smell it in the evening as it opens its petals but it is amazing! And sweetpeas-of course:))


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