GBMD: Snowdrop

Snowdrops at Welford Park and extract from a poem by John Armstrong called Snowdrop
Snowdrops at Welford Park, late February 2015. 

I discovered the above poem recently when I visited Hodsock Priory - John Armstrong wrote it especially for Chelsea Physic Garden. The poem's last 2 lines seemed fitting for today's Muse Day, seeing we've just entered the the first month of spring.

Today's the day when many of the snowdrop gardens close their doors for the season and we'll have to make do with our photographs and memories until next year. But then there are crocuses and daffodils peeping out the soil in greeting, and so our gardening year moves on to other delights.


  1. Lovely photo of the snowdrops with moss and tree roots, they look so beautiful. We will still have snowdrops here for a while yet, they look so pretty when other bulbs join in the spring display.

  2. Thanks Pauline - it's one of my favourite photos from all of the snowdrop gardens I've visited this year :)

  3. I am still getting used to your seasons as our snowdrops haven't even been uncovered here. What a stunning image and a great poem to kick off March.

    1. Hi Donna, you'll catch up and overtake us soon to

  4. That photo is stunning, I love thick moss like that, beautiful.

  5. Lovely snowdrops on your photo, for me it is the sure sign of spring and mine have been flowering for 2 months. They are coming to an end now and I will miss them until they come back again.

    1. They're such beauties aren't they :-)

  6. A beautiful image VP. Yes the snowdrops are stuttering to a close now but as you say there are other delights waiting in the wings. Here the first of my little daffies opened up just in time for St. David's Day.

    1. My daffodils are a bit tardy this year - I don't know why


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