Postcard From Chelsea Flower Show

Prince Harry with Matt Keightley on the Sentebale show garden

The Chelsea Flower Show is always full of surprises, but I didn't expect my first at 7.15am yesterday when I found Prince Harry at the show garden which highlights his Sentebale charity. He'd arrived well ahead of the rest of the royal party for a conducted tour by Matt Keightley, the garden's designer.

It's a fantastic show this year. If you've got tickets, then you're in for a treat. There's more from me to come...


  1. Looks a great show this year - lucky you getting in with an early morning visit yesterday! Going quite green in a bright sunny morning here in Scotland - not a good look perhaps ;-) Looking forward to reading your spin on Chelsea this year and seeing your pics from within the gardens:-))))

    1. I treated myself to an overnight stay and the photographers went out at 5am for their 5.30am pass. Then I saw it wasn't raining yet, so got down there early before it did!

  2. I shall look forward to seeing more about it. You were there early! CJ xx

  3. great photo. I didn't apply for a press pass this year, I am going on Friday afternoon with my husband

    1. I hope you had a lovely time. I think next year I might go with my friend, like I used to

  4. It's the first time ever that I've seen him looking like Prince Charles.

  5. While I avoid following royals - the UK's or the US's "version" - he seems so real in a garden. Perhaps if I saw ours that way...maybe best not to go there. Looking forward to more great scenes to take me away!

    1. The garden is to highlight the prince's HIV charity in Lesotho, hence the visit David. There was plenty of xeriscaped planting on display too :-)


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