Another Visitor to the Plot

A harlequin ladybird form conspicua on Knautia 'Red Ensign'

As well as the welcome garden visitors I blogged about on Monday, I also spotted this unusual looking ladybird on my Knautia 'Red Ensign'. I thought it might be the dreaded harlequin ladybird, but was reassured to find a similar looking one in a downloadable ID guide; our native 2 spot ladybird also has a reversed red on black form.

However, Dave Kilbey on Twitter told me:

He went on to say:
The App is available for both android and iPhone versions and there's also an online form available for your observations if you don't have a smartphone. The Harlequin Ladybird Survey website is also a mine of useful information, as is its sister, the UK Ladybird Survey website.

I've submitted my sighting and I'm comforting myself that the harlequin was snacking on its preferred food source, the abundant aphids on my Knautia. Now those aphids are gone, I'll keep a watchful eye out and hope it doesn't go after the native ladybirds in VP Gardens.

Dave is a useful person to know as he's involved in developing the Apps available from naturelocator. If - like me - you're interested in citizen science or the natural world, there's bound to be an App or two you'd like on their website.


  1. There are just so many different ladybirds aren't there. I'm afraid more larvae I have seen this year are harlequins

    1. I have a mixture of the 2... for now!

  2. I hadn't realised before that Harlequins eat other ladybirds only that their destructive power is in hoovering up the native kind's food so they go hungry. How awful! (Though this one is pretty.)

    1. I hadn't considered that aspect before, Esther - just that the Harlequins turn their attention to our native ladybirds if aphids and their other preferences are in short supply

  3. Oh well spotted VP. Will investigate the app. We were having lunch on a cross channel ferry last week when I felt something land on my head. It then dropped to the table at which point I could see that it was a rather large ladybird. We are still undecided whether it was a lost French ladybird or a homeward bound English ladybird.

    1. Did you bring it with you Anna?

  4. Hey there, the app is great. I've lost an hour or so browsing through all the species collected there. Really nice job.

    1. Hi Pol and welcome to Veg Plotting. I'm glad you found the App interesting :)


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