GBMD: In a Garden

Extract from Dorthy Gurney's poem found at the International Rose Test Garden in Portland, USA

Seen at the International Rose Test Garden in Portland, USA in 2014. You'll find another of my views of the garden here.

The rest of Dorothy Gurney's poem - God's Garden is read by Emma Fielding in the YouTube video below. This entry also says there's a missing stanza in the reading, which goes after the verse I've featured above.

Here's the link if the embedded version doesn't load.


  1. It's sort of true and sort of not. It's exactly how one feels on some days - and strangely that can be especially so in cemeteries where one is conscious of time. But when one gets close up - there's constant carnage and suffering . . . then sometimes I think we humans are not so bad after all.

    1. The poem has had resonance for me lately Esther - I need to be in the garden more than in front of a computer, so I that's probably why it's leapt out as my choice for this month's Muse Day

  2. here is a version with 5 verses


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