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Lilium pyrenaicum at Helmsley Walled Garden
Lilium pyrenaicum aka Pyrenean, Turk's-cap or Martagon Lily
This is another photo from our visit to Helmsley Walled Garden earlier this year. Fortunately, NAH was happy for me to have a wander round the garden and take plenty of time to stand and stare.

The quote was on one of the blackboards at the garden entrance (see July's Muse Day for another) and it seemed appropriate to transfer it to a photo of my first closer view of these lilies. I've only managed to see them at a distance previously.

Where's your favourite spot to stand and stare? I also like warm summer evenings here in the garden, watching the bats zoom around at dusk.


  1. A fabulous photo and most apt quote VP. The words remind me the poem 'Leisure' by William Henry Davies which you are probably familiar with. I've not have much time for standing and staring recently but soon hopefully ... :)

    1. Hi Anna, thanks for stopping by at a time when you have so much to do in the real world. I hope there's better news re your mum soon. My mum's in hospital too, so I'm looking at perhaps needing a similar blog hiatus like you

  2. Wow, the lilies and the photo are really stunning. The quote makes me read over again a few times.
    P/s I hope the best for you and your mom.
    Shari Jennings

    1. Thanks Shari and welcome to Veg Plotting


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