Say it with flowers

Part of the Interflora exhibit in the Great Pavilion at Chelsea Flower Show

I was all geared up to bring news from this year's Chelsea Flower Show, but after I'd heard the dreadful news from Manchester this morning, it seemed crass and too flippant to do so.

Then I remembered Interflora's Stories of Emotion exhibit whilst I was up at the plot this afternoon. The arrangements and their accompanying stories stopped me in my tracks yesterday, just as today's news has stopped me again.

My heart goes out to the victims and their families. I've decided to show a snippet from the exhibit as a reminder that a glimpse of beauty can always overcome adversity.


  1. Thinking about Manchester along with you and so many......

    1. Thanks Linda. It's kinda creepy that whilst I was in one of the most secure places in the country (loads of security at Chelsea because of the impending Queen's visit), someone was set on a path to this atrocity.

  2. I am so jealous of you going to Chelsea Flower Show.
    And I think you should post more pictures. We all have to keep on breathing and doing things we love as long as it is given to us.
    It's very sad what happened in Manchester. My worry is that this is not the end...
    So lets keep on smiling and enjoying things we love.

    1. I found I couldn't for a while Aga, I needed space to think, just be and tend to my allotment. I have a substantial post lined up for tomorrow. Most of my other posts from the show aren't time critical, so expect to see more over the next few weeks :)


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