#mygardenrightnow becomes #mygardenbackthen

A hummingbird hawk moth sips nectar from the Phlox paniculata
Only the second recorded sighting of a hummingbird hawk moth in Chippenham this year - exciting!

Phew how marvellous that was! Many thanks for all your contributions to #mygardenrightnow last weekend; we had over 400 posts, around 250 contributors and over 500 photos shared across blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Contributors came from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Italy, France and Ireland.

As usual there was tons of variety in your posts and I'm sneakily pleased about the number of washing lines included in the real gardens you shared. We spotted loads of garden wildlife too thanks to your posts; with our first sighting of hares and my excitement at finding a hummingbird hawk moth in my garden amongst the highlights.

We also had our first barbecue - at last. I declare dahlias and tomatoes as the most popular flower and vegetable featured, though onions and roses came close. Here's a summary collage of some of the photos I featured over the weekend. These are mainly from sunny Saturday - see last weekend's post for the more rainy Sunday ones.

#mygardenrightnow at VP Gardens
Other highlights and discoveries over the weekend - that Nemesia was a self-sown surprise as was the alpine strawberry in the watering can. My fig needs renovation pruning and the Erigeron Steps are coming along nicely.  Those rescued tomatoes ripening on the windowsill are my entire crop this year after blight struck just over a month ago.

My favourite mug - not just for the garden
Many contributors showed they have favourite mugs for time out in the garden. Here's mine - cheers!

Finally, I leave you with #mygardenrightnow's first ever poem. A clever and appropriate haiku courtesy of Happy Mouffetard. Let's do it all again the first weekend in December!

First ever poem for #mygardenrightnow


  1. Sorry I missed it - I'm still catching up with myself. I sometimes wonder how I had the time to work but hopefully things will calm down soon and I can get back in the garden. Will try and do better for December's outing and PS love your mug!!

  2. Thanks Caro - thanks to #mygardenrightnow I've also found out there's another Horatio's Garden mug! See you in December :)

  3. the Hummingbird Hawkmoth is fascinating.I saw one in my garden in Nantlle in 1982 I think, a good hot summer

    1. I love them gz! I get one approximately every 2 years or so, though I seem to remember another fleeting visit earlier this year :)

  4. I guessed December would be next. I'd love to see more photos of the gardeners!

    1. So would I Sue! Trouble is, people are just seeing the hashtag and not necessarily going back to the blogged information :/ I've also tried to show it's possible if you're on your own to provide at least feet, hands or a shadow! Thanks for taking the plunge and allowing yourself into the photos from your garden and plot :)

  5. I missed it again! But our garden is a bit of a disaster at the moment. Having just moved house we are now building a new garden. There isn't much to see yet except a lot of mud and puddles. I hope that by December there will be some beds planted up.

    1. I saw you've been busy Margaret! I look forward to welcoming you back in December. In the meantime I hope you're settling well into your new home and garden :)


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