The Great Green Wall Hunt: All wrapped up with an interiors extra

Green wall by Covent Garden tube station

I always try and multi-task with events when I go to London, and a planned side trip to Covent Garden last week held a surprise in the shape of this green wall next to the tube station. It's a double wall, so if you take the street you can see to the right of the photo (where you can just about make out the tube station)...

Regal House, Covent Garden

... you'll find Regal House is all wrapped up for Christmas.

There were problems with the Piccadilly line, so sadly I didn't have time to fully explore Covent Garden's seasonal delights as I was late for my first appointment. Instead you'll have to imagine the dramatic notes of Nessun Dorma sung by a lady opera singer, and take the link to see the wonderful mistletoe lights decking the market halls.

Great idea for an interior green wall

My morning's destination held another surprise. This is a great idea for creating a funky and stylish interior green wall on a budget. It would make a great room divider, and the use of plants such as the ferns shown in the middle and bottom of the photo are robust enough to thrive in a wide range of lighting conditions.

This was in the Swiss Church, a space I'd like to return to another day to explore further. The church was taken over by George at Asda for the day to show off their spring/summer 2018 interior collection (aka #georgess18).

It was the first time I've attended this kind of event and I was impressed by the quality and style at great value for money. There was a lot to interest this garden enthusiast who's keen to bring the outside in and think of sunshine on a winter's day. Here's a small smörgåsbord of what caught my eye; you can expect to see the following in store come January.

A selection from the #georgess18 range which caught my eye

It was interesting to see the knitted look I saw at Glee has extended into the fun range of home wares on display. I could have taken the whole lot home with me along with that flamingo cushion.

There was time for a little fun too - here's the result of my attempt at a hand-dipped marbled pot. Note the thoughtful gift of a hipster small cactus to go with it  - wrapped up carefully with the addition of warning tape so I didn't come a cropper on the way home. Note to self: I must dust the windowsill...

Marbled plant pot with cactus


  1. Oh I want that grid of plants! Love the little pineapple plates and the copper planters. I assume that was not part of the George display but already in the church?

    1. Hi Caro, the grid and display were all part of the George event, though the grid itself and the planters were not George products. The plates and the mirror are all part of the new ranges for next year.

  2. A gift wrapped building! I like green walls,but that is impressive

  3. What an effective Christmas decoration VP although I'm not sure whether I would want to be working/living in the room behind the bow. The grid complete with plants is fabulous.

    1. I'm so happy lots of people like the grid! Thinking about it a similar thing could be done outdoors and on balconies too :)

  4. Looks fun! Wish we were able to go but so tricky when the event is on a weekday. Love the divider, and you can easily change the display too!

    1. That's a shame, it would have been great to see you! I see some of the shows open later, perhaps we need to co-ordinate ourselves with one of those. Great to have another fan of the divider and good point re the ability to change the display :)


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