Fire and Ice

Hoar frost on garden metal sculptures plus a brave snowdrop

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice. ~ Robert Frost in Fire and Ice

Frost went on to say he favoured fire. I wonder what he'd make of today's frosted VP Gardens and the reports of the polar vortex with numbing low temperatures in the USA?

We have snow forecast for later on today. Stay warm everyone.


  1. There was a hard frost here this morning. I'm thankful that we don't get weather like parts of the USA have at present.
    Same here. Thanks, and you too. xx

    1. I felt really sorry for the BBC guy reporting from Chicago this morning. Some of my USA blogging friends are caught up in it and are sensibly snuggling down indoors.

  2. We've recently had temperatures nearing 44° C here in Melbourne, so some cool weather would be welcome!

    1. We saw that watching the tennis! Sending you some of our cool

  3. Beautiful photographs! The cold up north of us here in Houston Texas is unimaginable. Wind chills to -50F.

    1. We've seen some amazing scenes on the news Laurin, such as the reporter throwing hot water out of a flask in Chicago and it instantly turning to ice :o

    2. and blowing bubbles, that freeze. Hard to believe what your eyes see.

    3. We've had some rare wind-blown snow 'bales' here in Wiltshire. They look just like the straw bales farmers make after harvest, but in snow. A natural phenomenon apparently, which looks like someone has rolled up a huge wodge of snow... except there aren't any accompanying footsteps!


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