Chelsea Memories

Tom Hoblyn's Chelsea Show Garden - the Dubai Majlis Garden

By now the Royal Hospital grounds should be back to normal and this year's Chelsea Flower Show is fading into memory. Quite a lot of my show coverage this year was elsewhere on social media, so I'm taking the opportunity to scoop it all up and keep a record of it on here.

Before I do that, I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate Tom Hoblyn on his Dubai Majlis show garden. This was quite a different take on what the Middle East has to offer and I loved the rusty linking elements together with the planted highlights using my colour of this year's show, yellow.

Innovative display in the Great Pavilion from Roualeyn Fuchsias

There were a lot of innovative displays in the Great Pavilion and this gold medal winning one by Roualeyn Nurseries was a delight, especially as I bought a 'Garden News' from them at Malvern.

Kirstenbosch exhibit in the Great Pavilion

Staying in the Great Pavilion, Kirstenbosch's display was awash with their signature native flora.

Dobbies trade stand at Chelsea Flower Show

Green walls were everywhere, and I particularly liked its use as a map.

Stan and Vicky from Craig House Cacti
I'm always on the lookout for unusual outfits at Chelsea and this year I struck gold in the form of Stan and Vicky.

Lupins, rhododendrons, chrysanthemums and dahlias galore

I'm in a choir rehearsing for a concert in July, so the "Choir of Lupins" display struck a particular chord ('scuse pun). Looking back at my photos of the Great Pavilion displays, the colour red is my dominant colour.

Colourful raffia on a trade stand at Chelsea Flower Show

Colour wasn't the exclusive preserve of the Great Pavilion or the show gardens. The trade stands did their bit too.

Greenfingers show garden

It wasn't all about colour, here the Greenfingers show garden had green in spades... along with cool yellows to form a calming space at the heart of the Show.

The Welcome to Yorkshire show garden at Chelsea Flower Show
As soon as I saw it, I knew Mark Gregory - the King of Chelsea - would win People's Choice alongside his well deserved gold. From tiny plants seen at Hortus Loci in January, to show garden perfection. I wonder what Mark has in mind for Chelsea show garden #100 next year? I can't wait to find out!

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  1. I felt the same way when I watched the program and the first garden I saw was Mark Gregory's. "That's the winner" I said. It must have been wonderful to get close up as for all the exhibits. David says we will be there next year-in the crush. For me it was great to be able to watch it all on BBC. Less of a crush but not quite as good as the real thing. As to the Dubai garden. Our youngest has just moved there. All I have seen so far is of him running in the desert-not a scrap of green and the odd camel. We did spend two days there a few years ago.

    1. Yes, the TV coverage is exceptional, but I still see lots more when I'm actually there. I have some strategies for the crush - I used to 'do' Chelsea in an afternoon!

  2. Thanks for your Chelsea highlights VP. The Dubai Majalis garden was one of my favourites. If I recall correctly it had a most inviting curved shelter at the back. It looked like the perfect retreat 😄

    1. Yes, I thought it was seriously overlooked in the coverage Anna


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