Garden Bloggers' Muse Day: The Best of Summer

The Monk's Garden at Avebury Manor

Thanks dear Dee for posting this quote on Facebook this week. It sums up succinctly my recent thinking about this time of the year, also hinted at in my Blooms Day post last Sunday.

I feel like I'm in an odd, twixt time; the meteorological calendar says it's autumn - since September 1st - yet  the horticultural calendar doesn't say so until the weekend. The current spell of warm, sunny weather is more summer-like too. I love the light in the garden at this time of the year. It has a softer, more translucent quality which makes the garden sing at any time of day.

My chosen photo of the Monk's Garden at Avebury Manor echoes my feelings well. It looks like summer there, yet the chosen colours for this part of the garden are more autumnal in their hues. It turns out that the Manor's gardens are in a twixt phase too. Box blight has devastated the garden and much of the formal lines are in the process of being stripped out in the hope that the larger topiary items can be saved. On the website it says:

"The Monks Garden has been almost completely stripped out and undergoing renovation. This is allowing us to enable easier access on wider paths and increase plant diversity. Other areas have been re-worked to spread colour across the garden, paying due respect to the different feel each garden “room” has."

I visited the garden last week to see their sculpture exhibition and I loved the looser feel and the colourful beds the Monk's Garden now has. The pictured area consists mainly of glass sculptures and mosaics, whose colours echo the colour themes of the beds in which they've been placed. It's nicely thought out.

There's plenty more artwork to see there until October 13th, which I'll revisit again for a Weekend Wander with you soon.


  1. Nice picture and quote. I like this time of year, and it's certainly been a good September so far. xx


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