Puzzle Corner: Connections

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I love pub quizzes with friends. They're fun and sociable, with the added frisson of a possible prize if we're on top form.

Sometimes one of the rounds is a Connections puzzle, where the answers have something in common. Often getting the connection early on can help with some of the more tricky questions... or lead us completely up the wrong tree if we get it wrong!

One of our quizzes came up with a Connections round which I thought was worth tweaking and twisting a little for Veg Plotting. I hope you enjoy it.

What you need to do

Answer the questions below, and take the letter as indicated from your answer to complete the blank boxes. For multiple word answers, take the letter from a particular word as indicated, otherwise it's taken the first.

The answers to the questions and the completed line of boxes all have something in common. What is the newly formed word and the Connection?

Question Answer
Title of a novel by Jeanette Winterson (1985), also adapted for TV (5)
Place in New York where John Lennon's memorial is situated (3)
Name of the group with Freegle, Bingo, Droopy & Snorky as members (2, 4, & 6 of second word - just one of them will do)
Name of the purple piece in Cluedo (1 of both words - again, just one of them is needed)
Star's surname of 'Some Like it Hot', 'The Apartment' & 'The Odd Couple' (2)
'I don't give a ...' - a phrase sometimes said by someone who doesn't care (1)
Name of the film awards given on the day before the Oscars (1st letter of second word)
Citrus fruit whose name sounds like its appearance (1)
National symbol of New Zealand (2 or 4)
Sounds like the flow of electricity (7)

The solution is here, if you need it.

If you enjoyed this garden related puzzle I have some more I devised in earlier posts. There is a link to the answers in each puzzle (no peeking!), unless the link is given below.

Have fun!

Update: Sue left a comment with a link to a couple of garden-based Sudoko puzzles she has over at Green Lane Allotments. I have another one of these waiting in the wings, so here's a link to hers for those of you who can't wait!


  1. I’ll have a go at these later. I made up some puzzles too a few years ago and published on my website here http://ossettweather.com/glallotments.co.uk/tablet/puzzles.html

    1. Ooh fantastic, thanks Sue! I have a Suduko waiting in the wings for a later date. I've put a link to yours in this post for now :)


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