Postcard from Poole Harbour

A watery scene from Holes Bay, Poole Harbour

I'm back from a few days in Dorset where we combined some clearance of NAH's aunt's house with using it as a Covid-safe holiday cottage for some much needed rest and relaxation. We both agreed it worked better than expected and plan to return again in a few weeks.

It was a bittersweet time, especially on our final day when I set off to walk around the Holes Bay part of Poole Harbour and realised I was reprising the walk my aunt-in-law and I had undertaken over 30 years ago to Upton House, when she was around the same age as I am now.

It made for a thoughtful and mindful walk. I love the relationship between sky, plants and water Poole Harbour provides - summed up in this postcard - and how easy it is to leave the centre of Old Poole behind in this particular walk, which started from the back door.

It's a special place.


  1. Will you be able to keep the house as a holiday home? For the happy memories.

    1. Hi Diana, yes we considered that but the house needs too much work on it and we're too far away to do it or to manage the process. We also need to fund care home fees for NAH's aunt's continued care. We will enjoy our 'holiday home' whilst it lasts over the next few months.


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