Have a Jubbly Jubilee

Platinum Jubilee postbox topper

It's Bank Holiday time for us to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and amongst the usual Union Jacks and bunting, Chippenham has put its own special touches to the celebrations. Like many communities we have some special postbox toppers and I found the one above earlier this week gracing one in Monkton Park. I know our Knatty Knitters have other plans afoot, so I'm off to explore the centre of town later today.

Me beside my photo

The Museum has had a couple of Jubilee projects I've been involved with. The Young Photographers group worked hard on their '70 Years, 70 Faces' and found at least one face per year of the Queen's reign. NAH and I went along to see ours at the Yelde Hall and add a new meaning to 'we were beside ourselves'! You may recognise a couple of the faces as Mark Allum (below me) and Lisa Lloyd (top right) from Antiques Roadshow live in Chippenham.

NAH beside his photo

I think NAH has fared particularly well in the photos, but then I'm biased!

Joy of Community Bunting display

I - along with my WI - made lots of pennants for the 'Joy of Community' bunting display which celebrates what Chippenham means to its contributors. I thought we'd manage 10 if we were lucky, but in the end made 29! I added three of my own as well, and there's around 100 pennants with all kinds of craft and thought on display. If it's crochet, then you know it's from us with love.

Jubilee flowers

We also found time to crochet 205 red, white and blue flowers for a local care home to help decorate their garden area ready for their Jubilee party. Five of us managed all of the above in less than 4 weeks. We look forward to seeing what they do with them, just don't ask us to crochet any more flowers for a while 😉

And finally, here's a local phonebox, which always has seasonal decor to brighten my walk home.

Phonebox decorated for the Jubilee

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever and whatever you're doing x

Me with a Jubilee crown knitted by the Knatty Knitters

UPDATE: Found and claimed from the entrance to Monkton Park this afternoon, here I am seated on my 'throne' in the Donkey Field. Thank you Knatty Knitters!


  1. Seems a wonderful project for the young photographers - and a good way to build some more bridging links across the community.

    1. They were lovely and it's been good to see them going around town with their cameras to find a different view of Chippenham


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