Feeling Flat

Talyllyn Lake - 8pm last Friday evening

Coming home from holiday's always a bit flat don't you find? For me it's doubly so as I spent lots of time last week staring out of the bedroom window at the cottage (my favourite form of procrastination - this blog comes a close second though) watching the play of light across the Welsh hills. Wiltshire has a distinct lack of mountains, though it is beautiful in its own way. The pictured scene is just a few miles from where we stayed and is the shot I'm constantly replaying in my mind's eye this week. Unbelievably we'd always driven past this spot to/from the cottage on past holidays, but finally got round to staying there a while on our last evening. It's an idyllic place with a quiet pub conveniently to hand. In the lake shallows plentiful trout fry darted about with the occasional leaping out to catch a midge or two (thankfully the non biting kind). Swifts and swallows were constantly strafing the lake and it was a delight to see their antics when swooping down to take a drink - with perfect split second timing to prevent their glide turning into a swim.

So do forgive the relative lack of gardening related posts this week - my head's still on holiday.


  1. This is a great picture of one of the beautiful places around here.
    I have been known to visit that pub on more than one occasion.
    Sorry you feel flat.
    I always do "big pruning" when I am out of sorts - I find that helps.

  2. Absolutely beautiful photo! And with a quiet pub nearby? Heaven, indeed! Just the spot for quiet conversation.

  3. That is an inspiring view. I'm another Flatlander, so I understand the feeling when you have to leave the beauty of mountains and return to reality.

  4. Better the heart than the head.

  5. Beautiful reflection! Aren't you lucky to have had a taste of the mountains. I think that I would miss them as well.

  6. Perfectably understandable - it always takes a while to reorientate after a holiday.
    Tallyn Lake looks an idyllic spot. Funnily enough I am in Wales too this week - in Pembrokeshire, where we have been watching the swallows skim the field where our campervan is parked up. It's amazing that there have been no crash landings to date !

  7. Good W above but this shot looks so tranquil. Fantastic photo. I wish I were there now!

  8. What an absolutely fantastic photo! I always feel very glum when we get home from holiday when faced with all that dirty washing. It almost puts me off going away. For all you fitted in to yours, it looks like you had a great time. x

  9. Karen - yes a job to get lost in was just what I needed! It's a lovely place - you're so wise in your choice of where to live

    Nancy - hi again! It certainly was heavenly!

    MMD - I've been going round the house saying moodily - there's no mountains here. I'll get over it sometime :)

    TMG - yep!

    Chey - we sure are!

    Anna - hope you had a wonderful holiday. My BIL and family will be there next month and we're hoping to visit

    Suburbia - but I thought your heart belonged to Cornwall ;)

    TIMP - we did thanks Louise!


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